SM Kids Fashion Lab with Ms. Patty Betita

SM Kids Fashion Lab with Ms. Patty Betita

With Ms. Patty Betita at the SM Store Kids Section in Bacolod City.

Today marks the opening of the SM Store in Bacolod City–a three-story department store by SM. We did not go there this morning but we rather went there this afternoon because we got an invitation for a Styling Workshop with former Bb. Pilipinas-International and fashion consultant, Ms. Patty Betita.

We were second in line. She looked Dindin over and said, “I like her clothes! Where did you get them?” I told her that the top was a gift during her birthday but the pants and shoes were bought from SM. She seemed fine with Dindin’s ensemble so we proceeded with the picture taking.

I asked her what she can say about dressing kids this summer. Ms. Betita said that parents can never really go wrong with dressing up their children. We can mix and match stuff and colors–the important thing is that the kids are comfortable. Well said.

I always try to dress Dindin for the occasion. If it is a wedding, it is a formal dress. If we go out to play, I let her wear leggings to prevent insect bites and minor bruising. If it is a hot day, sleeveless tops or cotton shirts are her staples. It is her comfort that guides me to style her.

Currently, SM Kids Fashion is holding the STYLE LAB–a fashion styling workshop on different dates . Check your local SM store if they are holding this in your area. Sadly, this is not available in Bacolod. 🙁

By the way, the Kids Section at the new SM store has many exciting offerings. The colors are so alive and vivid. And my gosh! They have a lot of selections of tutus! weeeee The accessories, too, are overwhelming. If we weren’t in a hurry today, I would have bought her new bangles. But I shall return. hehe

4 thoughts on “SM Kids Fashion Lab with Ms. Patty Betita

  1. Maycee

    Hello! I was looking for homeschooling moms in Bacolod and found your blog. I’m seriously considering homeschooling for my 3 yr. old and was wondering how you’re doing with your daughter?

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Hi Maycee! We have realized that maybe homeschooling is not for everyone. For starters, my daughter is quite the fast learner in a classroom environment where there is a different teacher.

      At the same time, I got pregnant and could no longer handle the tasks. My husband is the more patient one, but he is also busy with work.

      So this coming school opening, we are enrolling our daughter to a pre-school. At 4 she will be Kinder 2. 😀

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      We really wanted to because of all the benefits. But it seems that Dindin has associated us more with play and the “teaching” with the teachers in the classroom. Though we have taught her many things, it was always in the context of play. LOL

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