Singing Baby

Singing Baby

Dindin actually likes to sing. She knows a lot of songs. When we sing, she would even fill in the blanks that we would intentionally make. Or if I get tired of singing, she would continue for me. She knows the lyrics of quite a number of songs.

But today was different. She just belted out something that we don’t even know. She just sang and sang. Her singing was actually longer than what was caught on cam. It just looks and sounds funny. And oh well, you get a virtual tour of our entire bedroom. lol

By the way, Dindin is not intoxicated. hahahaha Just in case you are wondering.

2 thoughts on “Singing Baby

  1. pepay

    hahaha! gn try nya pungku-an ang container na gamay2… haha…. saja kay din2… i could get entertained the whole day by just watching her…

    ulumul badin! mwah!

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