Simply Me Gift Shop Bacolod for the Prettiest Customized Accessories

Simply Me Gift Shop Bacolod for the Prettiest Customized Accessories

I have two kikay girls who, of course, love kikay accessories. So naturally, we just can’t get enough of hair clips and headbands! You can just imagine their glee when they each got different sets from Simply Me Gift Shop of Bacolod!

Simply Me Gift Shop is an online shop based in Bacolod City that specializes in unique and customizable hair accessories.

Simply Me Gift Shop is owned by Jane Valerie Go Soco, a young mother based in Bacolod City who loves making these cute stuff and making sure that those who ordered items from her get exactly what they want. She has a penchant for the daintiest details and quality craftsmanship, which are reflected in her works. She has cute flowers, cartoon characters, and most especially, those adorable cartoonized animals made of ribbons! She uses good quality ribbons, fillers, clips, and hair bands so her products aren’t only pretty, they are durable, too.

My girls could barely contain their excitement to open their gifts from Simply Me Gift Shop.

Naturally, they were very happy to find out what was inside.

Advantages of Ordering Simply Gift Shop Items

1. Customizable. Jane caters to what you specify, such as the design, materials, characters, and even colors.

2. Quality. Good quality ribbons, embellishments, and fillers are used so these accessories are quite durable.

3. Fast turn around time. Jane works double time always in order to deliver orders on time.

4. Great for personal use or as gifts. If you have daughters, you will not hesitate to get at least a set of Simply Me’s adorable creations. And also, you would be happy to give them away to your nieces and inaanaks for their birthday or for Christmas because you know that they will surely be loved.

Shane is so cute modeling all her clips! 😀

5. The element of surprise. Jane wraps each order in a brown paper bag tied with a bright colored ribbon so that the receiver would be ecstatic to open her gift. She wants to make sure that the little girls receiving Simply Me gifts would be very happy. My daughters were very excited when they received their gifts last Saturday night. Thankfully, they have high EQ that it was easy to tell them that they can only open the gifts the following morning. And true enough, squeals of delight filled the room with our ceremonial gift opening. Note: But of course, those who placed the orders got photos online of what their orders look like so in that case, there are no nasty surprises. And, you get to save on gift wrapping, too.

Dindin’s set. This came with a black headband where the clips can also be attached for versatility.

6. Affordable. Hair accessory sets at Simply Me Gift Shop are very affordable. And for sure, there is something for every budget.

Dindin wears a beautiful purple flower clip embellished with a sparkly pink Minnie Mouse head. This is her favorite.

Dindin puts clips on Barbie’s blond mane while wearing a bunch of flowers headband with a ladybug accent on her head.

Aside from customized hair accessories, Simply Me Gift Shop also sells other ready-made stuff like socks, fashion jewelry, and fashionable children’s clothes.

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