Simple Lithography for Dindin

Simple Lithography for Dindin

Kiddie Lithography Set

Whenever we go out to any mall, we usually stop by their toys section or their toy store. If we find a good item at a good price, we buy it, even if Dindin is still too young to use it. We figure that she can eventually use it when she grows a little older.

So last time, we got this Kiddie Printing Set when Dindin was barely a year old. Imagine that. hihi It was on sale at the Toy Kingdom of SM City Bacolod and we thought that it would be a nice activity for Dindin later on.

We only opened the box today and the stamp pad was already dry (boo). But that is fine, we will use our other stamp pads, as we have several at home. That’s how much we like stamps.

We made our names using the block letters. And eventually, I made a template that says “Hello Din”, simulating what printers did in the early days. Gosh, it was tedious work! Not to mention that you should be able to read when letters are flipped because the letters have to create a mirror image when printed on paper. This is lithography, just the way they did it in the past. Now, everything is computerized and easy. But I would like Dindin to know about it and appreciate it–how it was done in the past. This is like a bygone era!

I was just thinking, if Facebook statuses had to be done the litho way then we will probably just update our status once a year! LOL No more rants or raves every five minutes! hahahhaa And maybe, there will be no selfies, too! hahaha

I hope to be able to save this toy so that we can play with these again in later years, when she is a little older and can better understand its purpose. 😀

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