Silly Girl

Silly Girl

PhotobucketDindin can sometimes be really silly, like when she wore this pink eco bag by pH Care on her neck. I took that bag out of our drawer because I needed to put some stuff in it. When I turned around, she was already wearing it on her neck.

Well, these are some of our recent conversations.
Dindin: What’s that sound?
Mama: I dunno.
Dindin: I know…
Mama: Then what was that?
Dindin: A train…

The other day, Dindin was playing with her stuffed dog named Poochie. I dunno what Poochie did but I heard Dindin say, “Don’t do that again!” while pushing Poochie away. hahaha

The other night, Dindin’s Koko came into our room and played with her.
Koko: Din, sing Tinkerbell.
Dindin: Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell, Tinker all the way….

Tonight, Dindin was playing with her Baby Alive doll named Cassie when she peed and needed a change of diapers. I was working on my laptop so it was Papa who took the initiative to give her a change. When Papa called her, Dindin went to me and left Cassie on my lap. But Papa told her, “Just put Cassie on the bed and you can come back to her.” Dindin did so, but as she turned to leave, Cassie spoke again so Dindin came back again. It happened several times and we couldn’t help but laugh. I think Dindin will make a responsible mother someday. Although she needed to go, she could not leave her baby because the latter was calling out to her…So sweet…hihi

5 thoughts on “Silly Girl

  1. Vernz

    hmmmm… hehehe, interesting.. a great way din-din to show kids can love thier body too.. hahaha .. was here for PF sis..

  2. Gene

    So cute. She’s being responsible to her “baby” at a very young age!

    Visiting via Pink Fridays. Hope you can do the same.

    Hello Patrick Star!

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