Si Dennis Naglilihi

Si Dennis Naglilihi

Looking back, I realized that I had a pretty easy first trimester of pregnancy. Yeah I did feel nauseated at times but I could count the times that I actually threw up.

But I did crave for some kinds of foods. Nothing particular though. I would crave one thing for a moment and look for something else the next day.

If there is anything that became a big deal to me are a couple of odors that I have developed an aversion to–the smell of coffee and anything sauteed. Since behind our house is Kuppa and Kape Mabuhay, you can just imagine the torment I had while I was pregnant! And this aversion did not go away until after I gave birth! Everyday the smell of native coffee and sauteed dishes at Kuppa wafted through our open windows. I would close all our bedroom openings, but somehow, the aromatic air would just find its way in our room. And thanks to my heightened senses, I can smell them!

Anyway, I am thinking I did not have much problem while infanticipating was because Dennis took part in it. lol Yep! I did not notice anything else peculiar about him except for his sudden fascination and craving for the new local chocolate brand–Choco Mucho. Thankfully, this chocolate is cheap, like about P5.50 per bar. At any given time, we had three boxes of Choco Mucho at home, one for every flavor. hehehe

Well, I guess it’s true, even the husbands of expectant women also experience how it is to infanticipate. ehehe

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