Shawna’s Mid-July Assessment in Kinder School

Shawna’s Mid-July Assessment in Kinder School

I did not expect the report to come so early, but I am proudly sharing the report of Dindin’s teacher for mid-July. 😀

“Shawna has shown better social skills this month. She now actively plays (with classmates) and communicates often with them. Since she’s one of the youngest in class and is quite small in size, her classmates would usually treat her as a younger sister. They would take care of Shawna and would guide her on what to do.

Academically, Shawna is able to cope with the pacing of lessons even though it is quite fast for her age. Her being a reader already has helped a lot in class. She can answer independently most of the time because she knows how to read and can understand directions and contexts well. Some ares that need practice for mastery are the following:

-Bilang 1-100 (rote counting)
-Identify kanan at kaliwa

-Arranging numbers from greatest to least

-Following the blue-red-blue lines when writing
-Reversal in writing number 3 and 5, sometimes letter S
-Speed in writing”

Awwww…how nice. It brings joy to a Mama’s heart when you read a report like this. Thank you, God, and I continue to commit Dindin to you as she continues to go to school every day. 😀

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