Shawna’s Kinder Class End of Month Assessment for June 2013

Shawna’s Kinder Class End of Month Assessment for June 2013

Dindin, or more formally referred to as Shawna in school, was 4 years and 3 months when started attending Kinder School last June 13. Despite her age, it was believed by the school admin that she could already handle the demands of kinder class because of her reading proficiency.

However, we do have our reservations. For one, she is used to waking up late. There is not problem with letting her stay up late but the problem arises when we have to wake her up and get her ready for the day. And because she is younger, she is also prone to bouts of moodiness. I also know that because she is my daughter and I also started Grade 1 when I was 5, and I was really moody. I would not work if I got tired or simply just got lazy. NOTHING will make me work, even if they talk about honor roll, because I don’t have a concept of that.

Dindin doing her assignment late in the afternoon. 😀

Anyway, after two weeks of class, the teacher gave us an assessment of how Shawna has been and we are already happy with her performance. I am just wondering though about the Filipino subject because although she cannot speak straight Tagalog, she has been practicing at home and has mastered the lessons so far. But maybe in school, she is self-conscious, so which is why she did not perform well in her Filipino class.

Below, I am sharing her assessment to you. And Shawna, Papa and Mama are very, very proud of you. 😀

“Since this is Shawna’s first formal schooling, it is good to note that Shawna is adapting to the kinder class routines.

Academically, she is quite quick in grasping concepts taught in class. Shawna has a wide vocabulary that is helpful in learning the language subject. She is able to give more nouns during our discussion and is able to categorize them properly. She can also identify countable and uncountable nouns and apply the use of much and many.

She is only having some struggle in Filipino and Chinese since these are new to her. We hope that with constant exposure to both languages, she will eventually develop greater interest in learning them.

We are glad that she exerts effort to copy from the board and to try to finish her writing exercises. Mood is a great factor when it comes to her willingness to write. When she is not interested, you would see her putting her head on the table while writing. Hopefully, we can work on her speed too, as often teachers wait for her to finish but at times, her classmates become impatient in waiting for her to finish.

Over all, we are happy to see her enjoying school. She is a sweet and polite girl who mingles and gets along with everybody in class.”

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