Sharing Pizza

Sharing Pizza

Sharing Pizza Hut with Papa and Mama

Dindin happily eats a pizza meal with Papa and Mama in our makeshift dining room.

Dindin likes eating pizza. In the photos above, we shared a meal inside our bedroom with some slices of Pizza Hut pizza courtesy of my brother and sister in law who celebrated their third wedding anniversary. I would cut up the pizza in small slices so that Dindin could easily eat by herself. She does not want to hold it and bit the slice off. She would rather use a fork to pick up the small pieces.

Pizza Hut Baby

Dindin is all happy eating pizza.

So I thought of buying her a pizza set so that we can pretend eating pizza at home. There were six slices in the set and it comes with a pizza slicer and some condiments. I took out six plates and Dindin pretended that she sliced the pizza and distributed it to the six plates. I asked her who the pizza slices are for and she answered while pointing to each one, “Papa, Mama, Dindin, Ama, Angkong, and Koko.” Wow, she has one each for the entire family!

Good baby!

Toy pizza

This toy pizza had the brand, “Pizza Roof” LOL

14 thoughts on “Sharing Pizza

  1. KM

    ang cute! daming pink πŸ™‚

    visiting you from PF. hope you can visit me back at BESPECTACLED ME

    thanks, and see you around!

  2. giay

    my little boy called it “pisa” and he only wanted to eat the triangles (ham) and cheese, the rest of the toppings goes to mommy πŸ™‚

  3. Mommy Jes

    oh so cutie ng mag ama!!! so lovely!! ahahha ang cute nila tuwang tuwa sa laro nila :))

    galing n nya maglaro! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your toy to us!

  4. Jessica

    awww what a fun Daddy and Dindin bonding πŸ™‚ cute pizza set too. Visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too.

  5. Cielo

    Ohhh, I so love the cutey dining chair and table…

    It is always admirable to see parents who would exert extra effort to make their child’s childhood as fun and memorable as possible.

    Visiting from PF hope you can visit me back…

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