Sexy Poses with Dindin

Sexy Poses with Dindin

We laughed at Dindin last weekend because she attempted sexy poses on the sofa of our hotel room. We don’t know what got into her, but this is how our pictorial went. hahaha

I still have to do a detailed description of this outfit at Din’s Fashion because this is new. hehe Aghhh…I have so much blog backlog. I can’t think straight. But this is it for now, for my Pink Fridays entry. Well, the shoes are pink, okay. haha So do excuse me if I lack creativity here. hehe

13 thoughts on “Sexy Poses with Dindin

  1. The Pepperrific Life

    hahaha! That’s really cute! Bata pa lang, marunong na mag-pose 🙂

  2. karen

    si dindin ma modeling pa gd ya ?! health buff na daan lol 🙂 i like the outfit din 🙂

  3. tejan

    woww ka pink namn sa sandals ni dindin… so pretty dindin too… mine is up mommy! see yah!

  4. Ms. Burrito

    Lovely! I like her outfit too Tita

    My Pink entry is the meme I am hosting, hope you can join for the kick off of the Color Connection tomorrow (Saturday, June 4). Please join us, thanks!

  5. Yannie

    Nag practice for modeling???? hehe she’s so cute.

    I Am Magic is my entry for Pink Fridays.

  6. genny

    beautiful and lovely. nice shot…and awesome pose. pwede na maging model.:-)

  7. cheerful

    wow, she’s so pretty…and she looks like enjoying what she’s doing, a future model maybe! anyway, have a great weekend!

  8. raya

    wow i love the third photo! so cute!! thanks for the visit, sis! and thanks for the compliment… digicam lang gamit ko sis! hehehe 🙂

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