Sense and Sensibilities

Sense and Sensibilities

Today, Nanay and Tatay decided to come over for the afternoon. So I said, okay, Dindin and I are just at home.

When they arrived, Dindin was standing up, leaning on a cabinet door while watching her favorite Hi5 video. Nanay and Tatay greeted her but she never noticed them as she was intent on watching her video. She did not even bat and eyelash.

Now, I did not let Dindin wear diaper that afternoon. So after she peed on her underwear, I took it off and let her air out.

So while her maternal grandparents were waiting for her to notice them, she just kept on standing up and watching the video. When the show was almost over, she then noticed her Lolo and Lola beside me.

What happened next blew me off!

Dindin looked shamed! She slowly moved to where there were some plastic boxes stacked on the side, covered her private parts with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. She started a low cry while looking at me with a pitiful countenance, which seemed like a cry for help. It was like, “Mama save me from this shame.”

I then carried her and she hugged me tightly while hiding her face on my chest. When I put her on the bed so that I could out her diapers on, she would not let go of me so that my body covered hers.

Awww…I never thought Dindin would feel so much shame at such an age. Actually on a couple of instances before, I would sometimes change her shirt in the car and she would be angry with me. She doesn’t like showing her body in public like that.

I am not sure if there is a connection, but I also never changed her diapers when there are other people around, only with closest family members. I dunno, I am not just comfortable. And it is also because I would not like her to be teased by contemporaries who would say, “Hey I saw you naked when you were small.” So I guess it is my part of protecting her dignity. hehe Okay, I have such advanced thinking. But that is just me.

By the way, Dindin is sporting a new hairdo. The day after we got back from Cagayan de Oro City, I cut her hair short so that the new hair growth that are shorter could grow together with her old hair. I also cut her bangs, which are already below her eyebrows. So this is her new short cropped hair. I could no longer remember how many times I cut her hair. I just found it an effective way for her hair to grow healthier.

dindin new hair

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