Second Baby Gender Ultrasound Fail

Second Baby Gender Ultrasound Fail

I had a second trimester scan last Monday, which was also supposed to determine the baby’s gender. I was on my 20th week–or a little more than that.

Several days before that, I kept on talking to the baby, prepping him about the ultrasound procedure up until the morning that we were supposed to go. Honestly, the baby was unresponsive, unlike Dindin’s time. But ok, we will still went.

We excitedly woke up early and dressed ourselves, including Dindin, who was also too excited to see her “younger brother” in my womb.

But the sad part is, the baby was too shy show to reveal himself. His legs were straight in front of him, and while he did move, he just kept wiggling his toes. He also did not show his face–he was hiding behind the umbilical cord.

My guess is that the baby is just not ready to reveal himself or herself. Anyway, I have decided to undergo another scan in four weeks, maybe May 13, just in time for my credit card cut off. By that time, baby is already 24 weeks or 5 1/5 months. I hope by that time, he is ready. 😀

Here is the result of my transabdominal ultrasound at 20 weeks and 2 days.

Biparietal Diameter – 4.8 cm = 20 weeks and 2 days
Occipitofrontal Diameter – 5.9 cm
Cephalex Index – 81%
Head circumference – 17.8 cm
Abdominal circumference – 14.4 cm
Femoral length – 3 cm = 20 weeks
Fetal heart tones – 135 bpm
Fetal weight
Warsof – 12 oz
Hadlock – 11 oz
Placenta – Poster, Grade 0, No Previa
Amniotic fluid (single vertical pocket – 3.1 cm

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