Scrub Uniforms of Nurses in the Labor Room

Scrub Uniforms of Nurses in the Labor Room

When I gave birth to Dindin, I stayed in the Labor Room of Riverside Medical Center for more than 24 hours…27.5 hours to be exact, until I was subjected to emergency C-Section.

That is why I got familiar with the goings-on around me–it seems like I was on stand-by mode there. What I distinctly remember was the cold and clinical blue scrub uniforms of the Labor Room nurses. I sure wish that they wore something more colorful like the doctors, but I guess that standard issue by the hospital.

I really had a difficult time during childbirth that I sought comfort from everything, including the hands of a male student nurse and a male anesthesiologist, for physical and emotional comfort. It was hard but I pulled it through, thank God.

So next time I get pregnant, no more labor for me. I will go straight to the operating room if I feel contractions. LOL

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