Science Comes Alive in Mind Museum Provincial Tours

Science Comes Alive in Mind Museum Provincial Tours

Mind Museum Science Comes Alive in Visayas

Dindin volunteers on stage for one of the experiments during the Mind Museum show at The District North Point.

Last February 28, 2016, our family was again privileged to catch the second Mind Museum show in Metro Bacolod, entitled Science Comes Alive in Visayas, held at The District North Point. We make it a point to witness such events because these are among rare opportunities for learning for my homeschooled child.

Mind Mover Asia Aportadera, who was also the host last time, brought new experiments that are both educational as well as entertaining. My daughter, Dindin, who had attended both shows and who was also able to go the Mind Museum at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) asked me after the show if we could visit the Mind Museum again this month when we go to Manila. Yes, these shows have such an influence on her.

But why are the Science Comes Alive shows very interesting? I can think of several reasons.

1. Immediate results. As many of us who have undergone Science subjects in school, there are experiments that require some waiting time in order to get the desired results. But in the show, the kids are treated to experiments that not have only immediate results but also explosive, exciting, as well as mind boggling. Everyone is of course awed!

Mind Mover Asia

Mind Mover Asia in action during the Science Comes Alive in Visayas.

2. Audience Participation. Mind mover Asia is a very engaging host and she really knows what she’s doing. But as with any experiment, sometimes there are factors to be met in order to get desired results. And if she doesn’t, she finds the answers and explains why. Then she makes it a point to engage the audience. She asks questions and lets the kids answer them. The kids also get a chance to volunteer as assistants and be on stage. Of course, the kids race after each other in order to get as near a possible to where the action is. They try to call on as many kids as possible by have different volunteers for each task.

Mind Museum experiments

Many kids get to volunteer on stage. A moderator makes sure that one kid only goes only one time so that others get the chance.

3. Action-packed. There is always action during these shows. Sometimes you have to wait a little while but after that, you get oohhhs and ahhhhs and claps from the audience.

Mind Museum - Science Comes Alive

Several times Mind Mover Asia went off the stage in order to show the result of the experiment around.

Yes, these shows are so engaging! Even the adults get mesmerized. This time around, Mind Mover Asia had a lot of presentations using dry ice and it was enough to get the kids so fired up, especially our little girl.

Indeed Science Comes Alive. They are no longer just concepts that you read or hear your teacher explain. They are real and it sparks kids’ imagination. Thank you Mind Museum for presenting Science this way to the children in the province who cannot easily go to the Mind Museum in BGC. It is a truly wonderful way to get them interested in Science.

Science Comes Alive in Visayas by Mind Museum

Dindin with her friend Isa at the Science Comes Alive show at The District North Point.

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