Saving for a Dream Trip Abroad

Saving for a Dream Trip Abroad

Dindin’s savings containers. The one on the right is for paper bills.

I have always wanted to bring Dindin to Hong Kong so that she can enjoy Disneyland for one whole day. You see, I have been to so many Disneyland parks and I know that it is just heaven on earth for young children. There is nothing like the awe and amazement they have when playing with their favorite cartoon characters, going to Cinderella’s castle and have photos taken with the princesses.

We thought that we would bring her already when she turns four or five, but things have changed because I got pregnant and subsequently gave birth to our second daughter Shane in 2013. So again we thought of postponing the trip until Shane is bigger and we could all enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland. So the target year is 2017. It is always good to have a goal. And we asked our kumpare and his family if they can join us in this. πŸ™‚ It is going to be fun!

For now, I am engaging Dindin in saving up for our future trip. It is another nice opportunity to teach her to save for expensive things that we want to buy and also about working to reach for our dream vacations. So far I have set up two savings containers for her–a coin bank and a container for paper money. Nope, she doesn’t know how to make “kupit” from her savings so the unlocked container is fine with her. Even if money is just lying around the room. Oh yeah, she will get it, but it will go straight to her savings containers. haha I counted the money that she already has last New Year 2014 and she started with P26. We may have to save around P75,000 in order to bring us all to Hong Kong. Three years of savings to go. But it’s okay. Let us remember:

Great things start from small beginnings.

A mile starts with one step.

P75,000 starts with P26.

But while saving up for our dream vacation, we will not stop traveling locally for the sake of educating the children, especially that we are going to homeschool Dindin next school year. We can have picnics in local resorts with picnic tables covered with tablecloths from and take long drives to the countryside. Or we can have overnight stays in theme resorts and swimming outings. We can also visit other islands in the country. We already have two trips planned this year–one in Cebu and another in Manila. So this is still going to be a fun and busy year, especially for Dindin! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Saving for a Dream Trip Abroad

  1. pepay

    when in manila nang?? wee πŸ™‚

    tell dindin to pray for my canada πŸ™‚ so that i can put some CAD dollars in her container for bills..hehe πŸ™‚

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      In July pa Tita Pepay. πŸ˜€ Weeee thank you! πŸ˜€

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