Save Artworks in a CD

Save Artworks in a CD

I will be featuring Dindin’s paintings next time. Right now, I am just wondering how to store them.

You see, at first I would give her watercolor and cutout milk cartons that she can play with. I let her do that because I want to keep her busy while I work. But most of the time, she would ask me to join her and paint. And most of the time, too, I just ignore.

I threw away her earlier artworks because there were already a lot until one day, her Papa asked me if I took pictures of her creations. Of course I didn’t. I just had so much in my mind. But after that, I started taking photos of her works and I realized that she was doing more than dabbling with paint.

Now I am starting with a digital collection of her artworks that maybe I will just eventually store in a CD. That way, I could just easily makes copies through cd duplication. Then I will not have to keep the original drawings in milk carton boxes.

3 thoughts on “Save Artworks in a CD

  1. arcee

    wow, i think i just have to do this though i am keeping the best ones in a clear book for now, but with the CD, i could keep everything…thanks for sharing:)

  2. Pepay

    That’s actually a neat thing to do nang.. I learned that from sum1 also.. Sometimes we like keeping stuff that just keep piling up.. Best thing is take pictures and learn to let go..hehe

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