I know that you have probably heard of Kimerald or Brangelina or Tomkat. But have heard of San-na??? hahaha


Dindin was given a paper doll set by our Pastor and his family as a present during her first birthday. But these are no ordinary paper dolls that you cut out–these are magnetic paper dolls that are strong and sturdy. And they have several matching outfits and a couple of pets, too. To change their clothes, all you need to do is lift one and replace it. This set comes in a flat wooden box with a clear plastic acrylic cover. Dindin really likes this set.

She had been playing with this for months. We would teach her how to play with them but she has her own way. Anyway, through this, we taught her the concept of boy and girl and eventually, that they have names. The boy’s name is Sam and the girl’s name is Anna. She knows how to pronounce both their names, but tonight, she just combined them and called them, San-na. hahaha And when we put her to sleep, she kept shouting San-na! San-na! San-na! like she were calling her children who were playing outside. lol

Okay, meet San-na! 😀 In their undies…lol

sam and anna

When she was still several months old, she would combine names. It is as if she would call one name and mean that “anyone of the two that I called, can you please attend to me?” These were some of her combination names:

A-mama – short for A-ma (grandmother) and Mama

Ma-papa – short for Mama and Papa with priority on Mama

Pa-mama-short for Papa and Mama with emphasis on Papa

Pa-popo-ma-short for “Papa or Mama ‘popo’ me” (carry me)

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  1. pepay

    haha…. kabalo na gid… gpang short cut na… pwde na texter si din2… heheeh…

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