Sagging Suit

Sagging Suit

I didn’t know what happened but I brought Dindin’s two-piece floral swimsuit that she first wore when we went to Cebu in October. But this time, instead of fitting her well, the shorts became loose.

Now that was a problem because I did not bring her anything else. Otherwise, she could not really go swimming. I would not let Dindin in a public pool without undies even if she is only a toddler. That humiliating! And to think that Dindin has a really good memory, she will remember that incident!

So I looked for a way to fasten the shorts and prevent it from falling off. I found a hairclip in her bag and a safety pin in my bag! Thank God! I used these two things to fasten the sagging swimsuit at the back and voila! We were ready to swim!

I guess her car salbabida was not the only life saver that afternoon. And more thankfully, she stayed riding in her car salbabida for the rest of the time so there was no problem of her swimsuit bottom floating on the water! LOL

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