Rotating Toys

Rotating Toys

Yup! Our toys here are on rotation. Dindin’s toys are in toy boxes so that I can stash them there and take them out anytime and bring in another box on another day.

She easily gets tired of her toys so it is difficult to just keep having the same things here.

It is quite hard to keep up with her because she wants to do so many things and try so many things. Right now, I have to work, so I am staying here inside the room. She wanted to go out in spite of having her hi5 videos on. She kept putting on her shoes even if she knows that we a have a barefoot policy inside the bedroom. I already took it off once and closed her shoe drawer but after a few minutes I saw that she was wearing it again.

So I asked if she wanted to go out. She did not answer but went to the door. So I took her to Manang Salvie outside and they both went down to the store. Tsk. tsk…Later, after I am done here I will take her to 888 Chinatown Square. I will look for a Tinkerbell stuffed toy–a small one, like a few inches tall, if they have. And maybe a small Barney toy as well. It has been our custom. We have toys of the different cartoon characters that she likes. She kinda likes collecting them, too.

My husband has also asked me to buy some ink refill and to look at discount desktops as we may possibly buy another unit for the store. So I gotta wrap this up and start preparing for our afternoon out. 😀

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  1. joy

    my dream of buying a doll house didn’t materialize for i have two boys 🙁 Dindin is cute hihi

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