Role Play

Role Play

Since last month, I tried to make it a point to role play with Dindin. We would imagine that she is something, like a butterfly, a giraffe, etc. etc. We would put on some costumes on her. We don’t really buy, we improvise. That is one thing we learned with watching Hi5. We can use whatever materials we have and come up with great role playing costumes and materials. Through these times I am sure that Dindin is learning a lot of things. Here are some photos.

Below, we danced the hula, became baby butterfly, and then played “I’m a giraffe.” There is nothing systematized about this. We grabbed a few things that we found, played music, and danced and sang away. I guess the important element here is that, we did these things together.

role play 1

Here are some other photos. One day, Dindin became Super Dindin, complete with super cape, power belt, and of course, super headdress! haha The only thing missing is the boots! Well, she has me. haha Anyway, as for the ballerina cowgirl, I put on her tutu, but she wanted to wear the cowboy hat with it. So I guess that is the way she wants to look. And check out the bell bracelets on both hands to make music!

role play2

I will borrow a song from Hi5. The lyrics goes like this:
“Im Super, Super Dindin
Flying with my cape.
With a belt that gives me power.
And boots to walk in outer space.
I can swim deep under water.
Rescue kittens from a tree.
I can fight the raging fire.
Super Dindin.
That’s me!!!” hehehe

Special thanks to Nathan Foley the singer. Sorry I murdered your song. hehe

How much is a tutu?

I made these pink and purple tutus for Dindin. These are rather crude because they are hand sewn. They are not closed at the back side so that it is expandable. It is just play costume. How much is their worth? Here is the total cost.

1 meter Cloth – P30
1 meter Garter – P2.50
1 pack Sequins – P19.75
Some creativity
Lots of love


That is the cost of two tutus.

Here is a video of her dancing to a Hi5 song. She enthusiastically watches the show and sings to and dances with the songs. She even knows the names of the original cast of Hi5.

How to Dance the Hula — by Dindin
Actually, this is hula with ballet in the end. Haha I wonder where she is getting these combination of dance moves. She looks soooo cute in our improvised hula costume. But now, we already have a grass skirt for her. We just need to find the time to do the hula dance again with complete Hawaiian ensemble.

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  1. pepay

    ka saja nang… creative sg bonding moments nyo 😀 more more more videos! haha… i’m so so so fond of badin na gid!

    1. admin Post author

      haha thanks for loving dindin pay. yep! more videos gid. gaka anad na gid man ko upload videos e. hehe tapos may new photos pa gid na sadya a . hehe

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