Dindin likes to repeat herself, like when singing the Alphabet Song, the Wonder Pets Song, or in enumerating numbers in English, Fookien, and Mandarin.

When saying numbers, she would say them until Number 10, or sometimes, she would continue on until 11 or 12, then still sometimes, until 13 then she would say 20.

But tonight, we drove her grandparents to SM City where they usually take the jeep to go home to Tangub. Along the way, Dindin started counting and we just listened to her. Hey, she counted from 1 to 20 straight! Yippeee! Since when did she learn that?

Honestly, I don’t know. She doesn’t seem to be listening but I do count to her whenever I would feed her water or vitamins and supplements through the dropper. This may be cumbersome but at least she learned counting through it. hehe

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