Removing Curtains and Valances in the Bedroom

Removing Curtains and Valances in the Bedroom

We used to have curtains and valance in our bedroom. We just schedule the washing once every three months because the entire exercise is just plain tedious. We have to take off everything, have it washed, and hang them up all over again. It is just not nice if you do not have a helper to do it.

However, it cannot be denied that they gather dust, especially if you live in a commercial area with so much air pollution. So when Dindin joined us and we have proven that she is allergic to dust, we had all the draperies removed from the bedroom. Since we cannot have them washed once a week, it was better for us not to have curtains and valances at all.

So right now, we just have stickers and cutouts taped to our glass window so that the glare and sunlight will be diffused. But if it gets too hot, we hang some pieces of cloth by the window, which we just remove if the angle of sun moves. So basically, it gets changed in about a week. At least, dust and dust mites do not stay there for a long time and fill up the bedroom.

Aside from the drapes, I try to wipe surfaces every other day and mop the floor every day. We mop the floor instead of sweeping so that the dust will not rise or scatter when disturbed. We also change sheets once a week.

That’s kind of a lot of maintain but if there are allergic people in the home, then you just have to do it.

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