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Remembering My Mama Moment at the Breastfeeding Station

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I had a difficult time from the moment I felt false labor midway to my 35th week until I finally delivered Dindin via C-Section on the 37th week. I had endured so much trauma and was on so much sedatives that while other CS mothers were required to get up and see their babies at the nursing station after 6 hours after delivery, I was allowed to sleep for 24 hours straight. But since I gave birth around 10pm, I did not wake up at the same time the following night but instead slept in for another 10 hours or so to wake up around 8am the third day.

So in short, I have not seen Dindin for about 34 hours since she came into this world. And I was not even aware when she came out. I never heard her cries. I was sedated. I could not even remember my well-wishers 2 days after Dindin’s delivery.

That is why when I was allowed to get up, I asked my husband to take me to the breastfeeding station–dextrose, catheter, and all. When I got there, I requested for my baby, so the nurse got her for me. When she handed Dindin to me, I was having difficulty because of the tubes attached to me. And I was still in so much pain. But when I saw the tiny chinita baby wrapped in white cloth diaper, I cried so hard with tears of joy and thanksgiving to the Lord for bringing her into this world. So the nurse said that maybe I should wait first before I can already feel the urge to pee so that my catheter can be removed and then I can just come back again.

But because she saw me crying, she was sympathetic and held Dindin near me so that I can kiss her. The nurse also tried to reassure me that I can just come back anytime when my catheter is already removed. Sigh…the first time that I held my daughter in my arms and it was not even a minute!

So when I went back to my ward, I focused on feeling the urge to pee. Then I told the nurse that yes, I have that urge and that they can already remove my catheter. I am not sure if this was real or I was just imagining this situation because in my mind, I just wanted to see my baby. I thought, Dindin needed me. She needed to be breastfed, to be held in Mama’s arms, and to hear Mama’s voice to say that everything is alright. That was my moving point. The catheter was removed while I was standing up because I was already restless. I endured the pain but when it was removed, I almost fainted because the pain almost took my breath away.

Well, these are things that a mom would do for her child. πŸ˜€

This is in answer to the question posted by Momma Finally: What is your most memorable moment as a mother?

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Loving Mama

Sigrid - Bacolod Blogger
Sigrid is a work at home mom and Bacolod blogger who tries to juggle taking care of the kids, homeschooling in Bacolod, covering events, designing, writing, and blogging. After finishing her degree in Mass Communications from the University of St. La Salle, she went on to become a news reporter/writer for a local daily and eventually pursued a career in advertising as a copywriter and graphics designer. After her stint in the corporate world, she became a freelance writer, contributing to national and international publications covering a variety of topics. She was a contributing food writer to COOK Magazine before she became a food and mommy blogger. She blogs at:

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  1. Sam says:

    not just a chinita baby.. πŸ˜€ but a chinita angel.. u r indeed blessed to have dindin as your cute and lovable daughter.. πŸ™‚ God Bless gid cnyu family chi.. πŸ™‚

  2. rai says:

    Nice article! =)

  3. Ivy Mae Lo says:

    while reading your blog, it made me realized the pain my mom had endured when the 4 of us came to this world.. it reminded me to really appreciate her, love her back and be thankful to her.. thanks for this blog.. πŸ™‚

  4. karen says:

    this is so touching boots πŸ™‚ i can’t imagine how u must have felt after the torturous hours of labor and having to deliver by CS in the end… But i know that all the pain are nothing once you see your child πŸ™‚ Dindin is blessed to have a mom like you who loves her sooo much… thanks for sharing.

  5. EJsmom says:

    Oh i remember those days… thank God you both came out healed πŸ™‚

  6. Caleb Lo says:

    very inspiring.. πŸ™‚ God bless to both of you esp din2x..

  7. TINTIN says:

    wow! it is very inspiring for mothers who have great sacrifices for their children. din2x is so lucky to have u as her mother! πŸ™‚

  8. Dynah says:

    Dindin and Lyanna shared the same experience…born through CS. Reading your article reminds me of the many things that I also gone through when I had Lyanna. But I never had that much pain. Pwera sa tinay-an!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  9. Leri Mae Beverly F. Abelarde says:

    I agree, ng. We,moms, will always do everything and anything for our bundles of joy. Enduring birth pains, sleepless nights during the first few months, back aches and so on… but looking at our babies, we can always say that they are always worth it. Dindin is always worth it! I salute you for being one of the best hands on mom I’ve known!

  10. Mitchay Lo says:

    Awww this almost made me cry. Thank you for sharing. It made me ask my mom what she went through while in labor – apparently it was bad. I was a chunky baby – 8.8 lbs. Hehehe. Anyway, I’m not only thankful for her patience during that time but the things she daily does for me – her loving and caring attitude that has kept me going all these years.. Advanced happy mother’s day! πŸ˜€ I know that Dindin is extremely blessed to have you as her Mama! <3

  11. king says:

    A good reminder for us men to really appreciate and value our wives and mothers for the things that they have done and are doing for our families…Thanks nang….

  12. pepay says:

    aww…heart melts! Dindin is blessed to have you πŸ™‚

  13. Arbie says:

    whew! that is how a loving mama sacrifices for her baby.. i can’t imagine how hard it is to give birth, but it’s all worth the pain after seeing baby dindin =) you’re such a brave and strong mama for dindin.. thanks for sharing your experience =)

  14. marie rose de dios verde says:

    its been a blessing for us to have babies …DINDIN is a blessing, for her to have a family like you is planned by God, because a mother’s sacrifice is truly unconditional love, thanks for sharing boots…i will be glad to be a friend also:) God bless you more and your family πŸ™‚

  15. Gems says:

    i haven’t heard about this…. thanks for sharing…. it’s heartwarming to see a mother’s love when there are moms who aren’t like you.

  16. Bernie says:

    thanks for sharing. Dindin is blessed to have a mom like you πŸ™‚ God bless

  17. Margaret Gigi Lo says:

    I remember those days. While i was watching Din2 at the nursery, she was such a cute and pretty baby that I was so proud to see. I was so excited to see and hold her in my arms. It even made me feel sad when I realized that after you’re discharged from the hospital you are going to stay in Tangub for a week.

    Your article really tells so much about mothers… the joy of seeing their precious ones… makes me wonder and ask if what was Mama’s experience during the time I was born… πŸ™‚

  18. ma antonia lizares poblador says:

    I feel for you, mother dear! I remember my mom when she had to endure C-sections for both my younger brother and youngest sister within the span of 2 years. You couldn’t even touch a strand of her hair because the pain was unbearable. I can just imagine how you looked inside the breastfeeding station during your 1st encounter with Din2x. Probably, you looked like hell but then, deep inside you felt like you were in heaven, right? God is good, let’s thank him for our little bundles of joy! =)

  19. Marither Veroni says:

    I can totally relate. I also had a C-section but I saw and kissed Alexa right after she came into this world. I didn’t see or hold her for 24 hours after that and it was killing me. I can’t imagine how much harder it was for you to be unconscious when you gave birth and only seeing Dindin after 36 hours. I can see though that you’re a great mom and you have such a happy little girl. Happy Mother’s Day!

  20. Cheryl May Ching says:

    I’ve seen a lot of mommies who have just held their babies during my nursing practice and the joy that can be seen in their faces are just heartwarming..! I will always be amazed at how mothers endure so much for their babies. Thanks for sharing your blog Atsi Boots πŸ™‚

  21. mikoy lo says:

    Hats off to all the mothers for enduring the pain of bringing life into this world.. Thanks for sharing!

  22. miafarrah says:

    beautiful post…i remember my duty days in the delivery room — it is an incredible experience to watch what mothers have to go through — from the intense labor pains to the actual childbirth… you are truly blessed boots and everything you’ve endured was all worth it because you have been given a wonderful, healthy and loving daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Romel says:

    yah, mothers can definitely do incredible and unimaginable things for their kid, I congratulate you for being the best mother to Dindin.. God Bless..

  24. Dennis Lo says:

    It was not just a moment to remember–it was more of a moment to treasure.

    As a guy, it is hard to relate to the experiences mothers have in moments like these. I treasure our princess even though I did not go through the same predicament. I’m sure you treasure her more than I do.

  25. sheilamae tcherne says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories. I know others Mother’s out there will be inspired by your stories. The moment you see your new baby is worth giving through it all.

  26. Marico Omori says:

    Dindin is an angel given from above for you and Dennis to treasure. Both of you are blessed to have her…Thank you for sharing your experience and good luck to your way of parenthood…May God bless you and your family abundantly.

  27. athena says:

    some mother can have a difficult pregnancy. im so lucky that both my kids was deliver within the span of 2 hours.
    dindin is a sweet little child and we cant wait to see her in july.

  28. michael says:

    Natural way is always the best ;)god bless….

  29. Daphne says:

    I can’t imagine how painful that would have been, the CS plus catherer. I’m thankful I had an easy delivery after only two hours of labor. Nevertheless, I can relate with how we mommies would endure anything and everything for the sake of our little ones. I haven’t had much sleep last night ‘coz Gianna has fever πŸ™
    GOD bless us in our parenting responbilities Boots! And thanks for sharing helpful tips always πŸ™‚

  30. evangeline d. magana says:

    after reading your story i could really relate on how you feel coz i have also undergone cs when i delivered my first baby last december…there was so much pains encountered during labor until giving birth but you will never feel the pains once you see and hold your baby for the first time…a loving mama would do everything for her baby! Salute to all mamas out there!

  31. FRIA says:

    Such a very inspiring testimony.The truest sense of a mother has greatly been pictured out.Your daughter will surely be so proud of you.


    what a traumatic and painful experience,,, yet a beautiful and memorable one,,, that u have dindin ,,, that little angel is a gift from GOD,,,and this angel made u a great mother to her,,,i know in my heart that dindin is your strenght,,,,,and to dennis also,,,,thanks for sharing ur story,,,,GOD SPEED,,,,

  33. Flora Joy says:

    Children are blessings from God…and yes, it is truly a privilege for us to be a Mom…I’m sure you feel that your words are not enough to describe the awesome feeling you must have felt…to be needed by such a fragile being…to be loved unconditionally…as moms, we will always be the fierce lioness protecting her cubs…nobody should dare harm them…keep up the good work, boots…great writing and great job being dindin’s mom…;-)

  34. oliver says:

    its a great blessing to have a child born into this world.

  35. Patty Gomez says:

    Hi Boots! There are mothers who are happy and excited to see their newborns and there’s you. Dindin is truly blessed to have such a doting mom. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. =)

  36. MA. CRISTY says:

    Mothers are the sweetest gift from God.

  37. cherry says:

    after reading your blog, i am now trying to recall my experience too.
    babies give love and joy to us, we are blessed.

  38. hannah mae kusagaya says:

    wow!! i really admire all moms!! they will endure all pain and hardships for the sake of their children! You really are a great mom, manang!

  39. ana jalandoni says:

    bravo to all moms out there! although i’m not yet experienced that stage, i can relate to your story. i admire your bravery. they say when a child was born a parent was born too. Congrats to Dindin she has a great mom.

  40. alex says:

    as always, your blogs are a delight to read.=) real emotions gid ya that I hope to experience in the future as well.=) thanx for sharing dear!

  41. Lisa Lo says:

    .. Oh the labor of love of a mother that people often forget and takes for granted.. Only after this experience that we trully appreciate our mothers.. God bless all mothers! =)

  42. christine says:

    inspiring article. tough times…though,in the end, the pain was all worth it. You’re blessed to have Dindin as your daughter manang boots. LIkewise,Dindin’s also blessed to have such a loving and caring mom and a wise and wonderful dad…Abundant blessings to your family. πŸ™‚ God bless you! πŸ™‚

  43. cindy yu says:

    A great mother’s love:) God bless you:)

  44. Philip Mayo says:

    Nice to hear from a super loving mother and very dedicated for her family’s concerns especially for her lovely and super cute daughter. glad to be your ninong dindin.

  45. Budindin is so blessed to have you as her mother. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  46. Cri-Cri Hojilla says:

    Very poignant memory and beautifully told! Thanks for sharing, Sig, it really touched my heart. Hugs to you and your precious daughter!

  47. Joe says:

    That is unconditional love. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring. πŸ™‚

  48. jillian says:

    thanks for sharing this nang! πŸ™‚ i really admire moms gid kay i know its not an easy task gd ya. πŸ™‚ God bless your family ng

  49. jong oliva says:

    though your tita milia (my mom) has not been through with what you had when you delivered din din cause i was a pre mature baby (accidentally got out from my mother’s womb when she tried to pee…..hehehe) but i can feel the pain and agony that you had with din din boots. i admire your courage and strength you showed just to be with your pretty angel……..what an awesome character of a mother you have….keep it up and God bless you more!

  50. Loraine says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog achi boots. We are so blessed to have a mom that loves and cares so much for us. Happy Mother’s Day! belated na. Hehe

  51. crizzie says:

    God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers(that you manang bootz) and he gave you a very cute little angel (dindin)… so proud of you ….. God bless your family

  52. eping says:

    the joys and pains of motherhood…..Dindin is indeed a blessing to you and shes lucky to have a mom like you…

  53. Celeona Borromeo says:

    Reading this article, I realized mothers would do everything, even if it means sacrifice for her part, just to make sure that her child is all well. One thing I could say, Dindin is so blessed to have a mother like the author because she would try everything just to hold her child.

  54. Edda Gonzales says:

    You’re such a very strong woman Sigrid.Having Dindin in your life makes you a complete woman.That’s in reality not all women can bear babies.Dindin is a living God’s gift to you.Dindin is soooo….lucky having mom like you who would sacrifice and offer her life. Well done!!!!

  55. tito Louie says:

    similar predicament… tita Luz had 3 c-sections and each time she was braver, gutsier and stronger…

  56. Classy Qua says:

    Thank God for giving you such a wonderful daughter “Dindin” πŸ˜‰ We were labor roommates and I’ve witnessed how you tolerated the pain. It was all worth it! I salute you for being a strong woman. Motherhood is forever and I know that you’ll be Dindin’s best mom πŸ˜‰

  57. Mr. E says:

    This is why mothers deserves to be treated well… when we grow up, we must not neglect our moms, we continually give them graces or just even compliment their continuing care to us.

  58. Mom Writes says:

    Mommy, that was so strong of you. Dindin is lucky to have you as a mom! πŸ™‚

  59. ExperienceNegros says:

    I was wincing while reading about the catheter. I’m sure all the pains pale in comparison to the joy you felt. Look at your girl now… so adorable sa kakulitan nya.

  60. Gladys Fay says:

    Very nice article:) Two thumbs up!!! They say.. “You can never repay your mother unless you experience the pain of bearing a child.” πŸ™‚

  61. joy oliva says:

    awww..i’m touched..i know it’s not easy ’cause i’ve experienced assisting moms-to-be during our’s really difficult to endure the pain..but it’s all worth it after seeing and holding your little angel..saludo ko sa imo te boots!! swerte c din2 to have you as her mom and swerte pd mo to have din2..God bless to all of you..=)

  62. nelson says:

    that number of seconds you take a glance with her….the most important time of your life..

  63. ramon mendones says:

    motherhood is really a hard job….. and i must say that you did a GOOD JOB…. god bless you and your cute dindin……

  64. elvin says:

    Mothers are great gift from Jesus. thanks for sharing this nang. πŸ˜€

  65. Gengen says:

    Being is hard but a rewarding one. Thanks for sharing this…

  66. Iris says:

    This is such a great post on motherhood! A beautiful story, thank you for sharing! I always wanted to be a mother, but I guess it’s not yet my time.

  67. andrew jhoond says:

    wow nang boots u did not see her or hear her when she was born? still a mother is always the best blessing a Child could have

  68. mommy jes says:

    parehas tyu ung 2nd baby ko saka ko n nahawakan nung 10th day nya…d ko sya nahawakan nung ilabas ko kaya kahit kaka panganak ko lang lagi ako napunta sa hospital to visit him πŸ™

  69. Ken Gargar says:

    this is very inspiring (: thank you for sharing nang πŸ˜€ dindin is very blessed to have a mother like you πŸ˜€ more power!!

  70. Teepee Kho says:

    Awesome! Really inspiring. Can’t wait to be a parent too! πŸ™‚

  71. Arlene says:

    Oh the pain! That’s the number one u will never forget when in labor and birthing. πŸ™‚ Dindin so lucky to have u as a mom because u carry the labor pains and cath pain just so u can be wd her at the breastfeeding station.

    Lucky u sis coz u breastfed. Sa akin walang lumabas. We have to pump it out. Cath for me? Oh no…no way. So i ddrank tons of water para maihi para di na ako ma cath. hehehe

    Good luck to this contest.

  72. Alfred Dela Cruz says:

    Every second of Pain and Suffering.. is FELT…. yet endured by the LOVE of a MOM..that longs to See,Hear,Smell,Touch and Feel their Baby.. I just felt the love of a parent while reading this article…one of the best expression of LOVE..

  73. Bee Hanlon says:

    I am not a mother [praying to become one soon ^^] but I am always beyond amazed by the stories of mothers — how they manage to ignore their own pain for the sake of their babies. This is a beautiful story! Congratulations to you and Dennis! God bless your wonderful home! ^^

  74. Aubrey says:

    wow.. nice story nang.. this made me feel excited to have may own baby too.. in Gods time.. πŸ™‚ dindin is so blessed to have a mom like you nang.. πŸ™‚

  75. mhaya delara says:

    congratulation to you,you are very lucky to have baby dindin but she’s more luckier for having you as a mom..:)

  76. olivia diaz says:

    Thanks for posting! We really cannot understand how a mom gives herself for her child until we experienced it ourselves,that’s why we have to appreciate and honor our mothers for all that they have sacrificed for us and in return our kids will do the same once they are mature and able. No matter how we are brought up it is up to us to do the right thing in rearing our own offspring. You have demonstrated a strong mom instinct carry it on. God bless you and guide you always in taking care of the little angel He sent you and your family as a blessing and gift.

  77. Cristine says:

    I can’t believe what you went through but it’s all worth it, I guess =) You got a beautiful baby girl at the end. Congratulation !

  78. eys says:

    wow! Really inspiring. Makes me wanna hug my mom too.ΓΌ

  79. The Pepperrific Life says:

    I also had a C-section, so i can totally relate to your experience :). Although I was lucky enough to see my baby right away, unlike you. When Dindin grows a little older, I’m sure you’ll tell her about what you’ve been through, and she’ll be really proud of her mommy πŸ™‚

  80. Cris A says:

    Salud! The love of a mother is priceless! Dindin is a lucky child! God bless your family!

  81. Aqua Stringer says:

    Hi Boots! Wow thats amazing story, Thank God that pain has been over, Now you have your miracle baby and very cute.. Im glad to see you very happy with your family. I know Dindin was very lucky baby to have a mother like you. And thanks for inviting me here its my pleasure to join your blog. Oh by the way I been back to states since Nov. of 2010. God Bless you and Family.

  82. canton says:

    nice write.up…made me love my mum more… ^_^

  83. awww, that’s so touching. I delivered RJ via c/s too but I was lucky to hold her and see her crying before they put me to sleep. you’re a strong woman and I know a good mom as well. kudos to you!

  84. Don Huan says:

    Continue to be the best mother and wife that you can be for the Lord and your family! God bless! NIV Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

  85. pynky says: got me teary eyed..i can feel your pain & the urged wanting to see Dindin for the very 1st time.I,.being a mom for 3x (having my 3rd son after 10 loooooooong years)..& i did experienced the pain..unlike my 1st two deliveries with epidural…oh BOY!(got 3 boys :))..Labor comes and goes and being exhausted…
    Your baby hits milestones so fast your head is spinning and you even think about trying to conceive a little sibling for Number One.
    Yes, when it comes to being a first-time mom, the saying goes that “the days are long but the years are short” and when you look back, all you can see are the rainbows and butterflies.

  86. All the pain is worth it when you get to see and hold your baby. She is indeed a blessing.

  87. Otella says:

    motherhood…one i haven’t experienced yet but i know that just like any other moms, you have endured one of the greatest pains of being a mom, nang. πŸ™‚ your cs scar will be your badge of honor. πŸ™‚ it’s God’s greatest gift–that of being a mom. so enjoy being one, nang. πŸ™‚

  88. Christopher C. Dioneo says:

    That was so brave of you, and you really deserved to be love…ignoring all the pains because of her baby is such a wonderful sign of being a loving mama…

  89. Bambie says:

    While reading your article nang my tears fall d0wn this was an inspirati0n to all m0thers and m0thers to be. i can relate on you nang when i gave birth to my gabrielle. N0 matter h0w painful we’ve been thru as l0ng as we want to see them complete and alive it brings so much tears of love,j0y when they were arrived esp.the first time you see,feel their breath,held their tiny hands and kissed their little forehead. In our minds we need to fight the battle of life.happiness of being a m0ther has to start because our preci0us gem arrived. Dindin was so blessed to have you nang b0ots u really are so brave. C0ngratualati0ns!

  90. calvin says:

    It’ impossible to contain a mother’s love for her child in a box. Tubings won’t hold you down. Pain won’t deny Dindin of your affection. A force so powerful and beautiful, but at times given little respect or misunderstood. Reminds me of our Lord. Pain, suffering, and humiliation did not deter Him from expressing the greatest love man has ever known.

  91. Sounds very similar. Noong nanganak ako sa second baby namin, I wasn’t able to hold him after the operation. CS din ako. Very traumatic ang experience na yun since he came out 4 weeks earlier than expected. But lahat ng yun nawala when I saw him for the first time. Whether planned or unplanned, every child is a blessing from God πŸ™‚

    Feel free to read my birth story here.

  92. zoan says:

    nag breastfed din ako sa Baby ko πŸ™‚ 2 years and 4 months πŸ™‚ and yes, every mother will do everything for her child πŸ™‚

  93. nicquee says:

    motherhood is really full of pure joys and pains that makes us even stronger persons.

  94. Bryan Go says:

    wow nice nice congarts achi

  95. Ces says:

    thank you for sharing this posts :-)…very inspiring!

  96. indeed Dindin is so lucky to have a wonderful mom like you πŸ™‚

  97. wow your post made me remember those days… i too delivered both of my kids caesarian section too. the first one, I was in so much pain and I had a rough argument with a very rude nurse who wanted me to pee and I could not!!! It’s hard after the catheter is removed parang numb, di ba? and with the second child, the sedatives and the pain killers had a bad effect on me. i was so emotional and was even mumbling lots of things, and even “saw” things. Oh no, I was like having a bad trip. And then I was itching all over! But through all those things , I still managed to breastfeed my two kids for more than a year. My second, almost 2 years. I was willing to give up everything, my comfort and all for the best of my two precious ones. Oh, the love of a mom! there is nothing like it. thanks for posting, mommy Lo!

  98. Mike says:

    The joy’s and pain of being a mother. In the end seeing your child (Dindin) grow up in your loving hands is something beyond compare. It even overcomes your traumatic experiences… enjoy being a Mother! God bless! hehe

  99. Debbie says:

    It’s amazing how you are able to document the experiences of a first time mom. I’m sure someday when Dindin gets to read these blogs, she’ll be delighted to know how precious she is to you. Whenever I open my FB and see updates on Lovingly Mama, I never miss reading them. Never get tired of sharing your experiences here, you’re doing a great job!

  100. Denz Ferraren says:

    Amazing! A true expression of a mother’s love to her child. As you describe the pain you encountered, i just thought no man can ever endure such painful experience.. especially the “cat” thing (short for catheter).

    Kudos to all mothers. Kudos to you!

  101. Mary Ann Magano says:

    Your simple gestures for your baby dindin reminded me of these verses about love, 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always PERSEVERES. LOVE NEVER FAILS.
    As a mother, I have seen your greatest effort enduring every pain just to nurture your baby with your love. And as always, it encompasses everything. Dindin may not be aware of those events yet but your baby will always feel the warmth that you are always longing to give her. You have shown the world what a mother (or parents) can do for their children out of love for them. I salute you for being a loving and wonderful mom! πŸ™‚

  102. Josy Alayon says:

    I appreciate all the sacrifices of the mothers in the world. If it weren’t for them, we weren’t here. πŸ˜€ Love you, Moms. it sure wasn’t easy.

  103. Nikki says:

    “Nobody said it was easy, but they said it would be worth it”. You are one living testament of how heroic our moms our. Enduring so much pain just for us πŸ™‚ good job sig!

  104. Troy says:

    God blessed dindin with an angel, and she was you manang boots her loving mother πŸ˜€

  105. Christopher Brito says:

    Im so blessed after reading this writings. . . i hope you will write more of this. . God bless ^^ Very nice job

  106. What a difficult situation you got mommy Lo. Duh I hate that catheter, you were sleeping a long long time. for me it was a bout 5hours then they ask me if I want to see my baby and I said aboslutely yes. That 5 hours I was half sleeping and only thinking about my baby, what she and her daddy doing. I just wanted to hold my baby in my arms and kiss her. Many people said it is easy to be undergo in cs but they never know how hard it is after the operation.Anyway mommy it is indeed memorable moment of you.

  107. Franklin Pison SyCip says:

    A mother is the whole world to a baby. . . when he/she was born, when they are growing up. Somehow, it gets lost when young adulthood comes to be. Thanks to getting older, that relationship of mother to son/daughter is brought back and the bonds grow stronger as we see our children grow up to be mothers themselves.

    This is the legacy of a mother that is imbedded in each of us.

  108. Apraille Pama says:

    Yes nang…I am a witnessed of your journey while Din2x was still inside your womb and how she was delivered..You endured everything by God’s strength and grace. I am so blessed how you take care of her with so much love and how you responded to the situation. She brings so much joy to your life and you always enjoy it.

  109. gail says:

    Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”

    dindin si sooo lucky to have a mom like you…
    god bless you sig and more babies to come pa gid!

  110. cosette says:

    A very touching story indeed. One of the great miracles God shared to all His people. Thank you for sharing it. May God shower you with more blessings. πŸ˜‰

  111. franklyn says:

    Being a mother is the most difficult job in the world… I might can’t feel it but… I salute you… God bless!!!

  112. bambie says:

    being a mother is a treasure gift.
    i remember when i gave birth to my Gabrielle, no matter how painful it is just to see our daughter complete and alive esp. we see their breathing, held their tiny hands, and kissed their little forehead is enough for us to express our love to them. dindin was so blessed to have you nang. congratulations!

  113. Cyril says:

    Wonderful story Ngboots…your such an AMAZING mother :0)
    Dindin is so BLESSED to have mama like you…thoroughly
    also…I want to say THANK YOU to my dear nanay..bacause I remember her story when she gave birth to me that she experienced the same…
    Mother,Momy,Mama…Nanay….How GREAT they are….Gift of GOD
    I’m so very excited na din po to have my own child…We’re Hoping…of God’s Will πŸ˜‰
    it says: Even Rainbow is composed of rain and sunshine ….
    God bless your Family Ng !!!!!

  114. Kirby says:

    A touching and inspiring story. You’re a strong woman and a wonderful mother. Dindin is lucky to have you as a mother. Having a baby is fun and exciting. Are you ready for another child? πŸ™‚

    1. admin says:

      haha Maybe Kirb. But God has not granted our prayers yet. πŸ˜€

  115. Didi says:

    Sarap maging mommy sometimes I think kung okay pa to have another one pero parang ayaw ko na rin na gusto ko ha ha. Take care mommy

  116. charisse chan says:

    we must all be thankful that there are mothers around us that protects and loves us always.. God bless for all mothers! πŸ™‚

  117. marie says:

    Mothers are the greatest on earth! As the saying goes, he has the face only a mother can love.

  118. maricar says:

    I may not be a mom but I believed all women have motherly instincts. sarap mag nanay-nanayan!

    God bless all the mothers and would-be mothers. and also those who wish to be. πŸ™‚

  119. pepay says:

    an inspiring story… as much as you are blessed with a great daughter…she is more than blessed for having you as her mommy… way to go nang… πŸ˜€

  120. gimlet says:

    The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
    A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

    One lamp – thy mother’s love – amid the stars
    Shall lift its pure flame changeless, and before
    The throne of God, burn through eternity –
    Holy – as it was lit and lent thee here.

  121. Arisa K says:

    Oh how great is the love of a parent!! =)

  122. angeli says:

    i salute all the mothers in the world!!

  123. Gem Stones Etc. says:

    nice heartwarming story. pulls on the heartstrings…

  124. Ian says:

    good thing daf didn’t go through so much pain during delivery, we were out of the hospital in 24 hrs weeeeee! πŸ™‚

  125. erneil john garfin says:

    I just had a big fight with my mom, and while I was going through your blog, I felt guilty that got into a fight with her without thinking that maybe she was just trying to do the right thing for me. I salute you for being a wonderful mother, I pray to God that your baby will grow up beautiful not just on the outside but most especially on the inside, continue to love and nurture her cos that’s what mothers do best right?

  126. Touching story. thanks for sharing of how great a mom’s love can be.

  127. mimai says:

    Such a heart warming story. A lot would say that you will really feel how it is to be a mother when you had normal delivery but for me and as what you have shared it doesn’t matter at all. A mother’s love will never change. Have a great and fun-filled journey with your little sweetheart. She’s a cutie. God bless.

  128. gospel rey medes says:

    God bless all the mother’s in the world. The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

  129. Aaron says:

    mothers are the best!

  130. Jomelyn Chua says:

    Precisely, the story inspires us to reminisce back what our mothers would do for us during our childhood days which shows evidently the mother-and-child attachment. Significantly, it shows how the love of a mother dearly manifest their caring attention towards their children just as exactly what you graciously did to your baby Dindin. During that present moment it is your mother’s instinct of unconditional love and compassion that moves you to do whatever you can for your baby and for that – our big salute goes to you.!!! How inspiring to know that parents (father and mother) truly understands the deeply-shared values and embedded in the lives of their children as they instill in us the greatest gift of all -LOVE. A love unconditional, so genuine and priceless! :-)) God bless all parents and parents to be – and to all the mothers in the world, we salute you!

  131. cassandra says:

    This is really great and heartfelt. A mother’s love cannot be measured when it comes to her child. πŸ™‚

  132. adele says:

    one of the most wonderful things that i have witnessed in my life is child birth. as a students nurse, we were required to assist a mother in delivering here child and when it was my turn to assist a mother, it was life fulfilling. i can really see the pain that the mother was feeling during her labor but the moment that she saw her child, her face just lit up. in that moment, i realized that giving birth to a child is not just pain, but also happiness. after that moment i realized how my mother might have felt when she gave birth to me. it was a realization that my mother really did love me, cause she chose to feel the pain just to hold me in her arms. to all the mothers there, thank you.

  133. Zeus says:

    mom’s love is always unquestionable!!!

  134. Very inspiration mother. Despite all endeavors she encountered, she still took the responsibility being a mother. I believe your daughter will fully inherit all behaviors what her mom have been deliberated.

  135. John says:

    Awesome blog. Reminds me of my mom’s story that was told by her to me. It’s so moving. I could never imagine how strong the feelings of a mother to her own child. Your daughter truly is a blessing. Remember to keep strong in faith and never stop praying. God will provide. :))

  136. Rachel Diopol Plona says:

    A woman who have achieved so many things in life is still empty if the uttermost thing is not being attained and that is being a mother. Children are the best gift the Lord Almighty have given to mankind. The joy that they (children) give to us are free but priceless.

  137. guimaras says:

    Nice article. Nice blog. Neat Template, too. o/

  138. Agnes v agudana says:

    What a moment! I guess each one of us moms has a story to tell. It’s amazing how a woman is able to endure the process. Such is the power of love!

  139. momirage says:

    Motherhood is tough and may involve a lot of pain but all sacrifices are always worth it…Job well done with Dindin Nang. You always inspire me.

  140. ronald says:

    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. God bless you always.

  141. Ann says:

    Nice story and your indeed a very strong woman! Motherhood is a very humbling experience. In small ways and big ways it changes every aspect of our life. Everything is better and more meaningful.

  142. catherine grandeza says:

    im not a mother yet…but still give my salute to all the mothers out there especially to my mamang…. i love you..

  143. shannah conserman says:

    a big salute for all the moms out there..i am so touch with your made me realize how my mom sacrifices just to give birth to me…thanks for sharing this one…godbless πŸ™‚

  144. Mary Grace Willey says:

    There is no substitute for mother. The toughest job in the world…

  145. Cathy says:

    I can understand how frustrating it might be for you at that time knowing your daughter ( Dindin) is nearby yet so far due to circumstances…I remember the day that I held my son & thinking that I nearly lost him through miscarriage it just render me weak every time. Esp. knowing it’s hard for me to have another one. A mother’s love is the strongest there is no doubt a mother would endure no father would for their child. I may be wrong but you did show a lot of courage to go through what you’ve been through..One thing I learned the love we feel towards them get stronger everyday!

  146. grace bermil ruiz says:

    somebody said the hardest part of being a mother is the labor and delivery,.i can relate to you how hard to gave birth by a into it twice.but after seeing your baby its worth and fullfilling.

  147. dorry lyn says:

    i’m touch with your story sis.. me too never heard the first cry of my son πŸ™
    btw thanks for the comment on my entry πŸ™‚ good luck to us

  148. Rachel Diopol says:

    Dindin is so lucky to have a wonderful and loving parents.

  149. Mommy Emily says:

    I waited 9 months to meet my little guy Dylan. I had a rough delivery and little Dylan was kept at NICU for a night. We were able to see him but not knowing if he will be able to move to our room the next day. God always makes miracle. Dylan reunited with mommy and daddy the next morning and finally got the chance to hold him after 16 hrs. He might not remember the very first few hours of his life…all he knows is his life now and mommy’s daddy’s love for him that grows each day. He made our life complete.

  150. Arsalan Waheed says:

    Mothers are the greatest and I am lucky to have the greatest mom in the World.

  151. Samuel Moyani Jr. says:

    I always salute every mother in this world. They’re the greatest looking after us since we’re young. They deserve to be recognized and awarded every Mother’s Day.

  152. Mamoon Shahid says:

    Wonderful story………..I remember the story of my mom when she was carrying me in her tummy.

  153. IyaRia says:

    What a mother would do…it’s sad that some mothers (and fathers) just don’t have what it takes to sacrifice like that for their kids. I’m a suffering aunt of only 22 years, a child myself, witnessing some less than motherly treatment by my in-law…It infuriates me as every time my nieces come over to my (parents’) house they always tell me “Auntie, we love you very much! Why can’t you be OUR mommy instead?” …I’m only 22, but my maternal instincts kick in when “my kids” come over. I’m tutor, yaya, tita, “evil” big sister, disciplinarian and playmate to my 8 & 9 year old nieces. Sadly their “parents” aren’t exactly “parent material”. (*facepalm*) And that is my “mommy moment”…I’m still young and not in a hurry to have my own kids but I’m sure what a beautiful blessing it must be to have a precious gift from God…I’m already having a taste of it…but how I wish I could take them under my own wing…

  154. kenneth says:

    Such an inspiring story! It just goes to show how incredible mothers really are just for the sake of their children. Although being a parent may be hard, but I guess it’s times like this that makes it all worthwhile?.. haha.. Thanks for sharing how great a mom’s love can be. God bless to all wonderful moms!

  155. shengkay says:

    hays..every mommy talaga has our own share of memorable moments..ako I see iris after 12hours na..

    brave mommy you are mommy lo..

  156. Iris says:

    Weee..i wish to join this contest din sana pero back out ang beauty ko..
    I had my fair share of being a mom..especially raising my baby alone..
    goodluck mommy..

  157. tam says:

    This brings back memories of my wife giving birth to my son almost 40 years ago, also by Caesarian. the night before, she had labor pains but I was in the house and not at the hospital. At about the same time I had the most intense stomach pain, and had to sit in the toilet for almost half an hour, before the pain subsided. I was later to find out that at almost the same time, my wife’s labour pains started, and I had what is known as ‘resonant’ pain… It shows how much I had loved my wife… susmariosep!!!

  158. jc espada says:

    when reading this story, it made me feel that moms are really strong and loving no matter what there conditions are, as long as they know that they’re children are alright and happy. then they are also contended with it. so 3 cheers for you atsi. love you always. take care and god bless.

  159. eileen says:

    i can really relate to what youve experienced Sig, i labored for more than 24 hours before i finally gave birth to my daughter thru C-Section….and adding more pain was the fact that i wasnt able to see her for almost a day because of the tubes that were attached to me….Motherhood should never be taken for granted. What sacrifices will we not do for our children? I salute you Sig, for taking in all the pain of pregnancy and giving birth…because the moment we see and hold our children in our hands everything seems to no longer matter. I SALUTE ALL THE MOTHERS!!!!

  160. james says:

    i was moved with the vivid details when you visited little dindin at the breastfeeding station with all that paraphernalias still attached in your body. belated happy mothers’ day sigrid. (-:

  161. Miko says:

    I am so blessed after reading this…..I pray for enough strength and courage as you guide Dindin as she grows…she is indeed worth all the pains that you have been through=)God bless !

  162. ma. theresa cabillo says:

    i know how you feel, because i also experienced that when i gave birth to my little angel…. God is good. God Bless!

  163. iman says:

    A great moment indeed..both u and dindin are blessed to have each other..

  164. Tara Tonette B. Siason says:

    a heart-warming story manang! i never knew about what you had to go through for dindin. each of us moms have their own stories to tell but at the end of the day a mother’s love is incomparable to any other. our husbands need to find the courage to accept and respect that, and the rest of the world can and should find a way to at least know what were talking about.

  165. Hazelicious says:

    Mother’s precious gift from GOD. It’s always a treasure to keep. I may not understand nor feel what other mother’s can do but I’m sympathetic to what mother’s feel. I saw my mother got pregnant with our little sister, delivered, and raised. Now, my little sister is in college.

    Just like other mothers do for their kids, I know that your intentions is just to be with your baby. That you wanted her to feel that you will always be there for her anytime.

  166. Hazel says:

    I never knew you went through all these. What they say is really true, that every pregnancy and labor is unique. The longing to see Dindin only made your 1st meeting more meaningful and special.

  167. ching says:

    if ther’e only one hero to be.. that’ll be the mothers!

  168. These are normal feelings of a mom. It is our innate nature to give the best to our kids. We don’t mind the sacrifices and it is a joy to take care of our kids. Somebody wise told me once that the mark of a good mom is when you rave about your kids naturally and you put them first before your own needs.

  169. Rey Agudana says:

    That was sweet …indeed, what will a mother do just to hold her child … Me and inday do talk over our first moments with our own lapsags – Gabie and Red …. how their cries pierce hearts .. my own travel down fatherhood .. how I need to be strong when red was born being in the ventilator and all … how Gabie can only fall asleep while listening to Rosas mg Digma CD …
    Wishing we can meet Dindin one day … padaon, abyan !!

  170. fred says:

    great to know how moms sacrifice a lot for their precious babies. we don’t usually see these things ’cause the time we can understand people, moms are already “hated” enemies for their “annoying” instructions all the time. thanks for the reminder of a mother’s love πŸ™‚ you’re a great inspiration! continue to be a blessing, God bless you and your family πŸ™‚

  171. johnchu says:

    what a beautiful story, hope that dindin will still remember this as she grows up and truly appreciate your love for her….

  172. Sarah says:

    very touching. sniff. it reminded of a song a friend shared with me.

  173. Beau says:

    Being a mother is a gift and a sacrifice at the same time. But seeing your child in a good condition, that sacrifice is overcome by love. All mothers will do anything for their children and your child is very lucky to have a mother like you.

  174. May says:

    What you have been through is quite hard but I know as you see Dindin and hold her in your arms I know you felt immense happiness. Being a mom doesn’t stop after giving birth it is for a lifetime. Godbless.

  175. eys says:

    wow! A lot already! Ü

  176. bubbly says:

    hmm…i can relate halfway regarding the CS… πŸ™ tsk…. πŸ™ what a dreadful experience.
    but somehow the first time I see Axlxio, i couldn’t believe that I am now a mom (that time) and well, it is rewarding to be a mother cuz you have that little somone who depends on you and you just have to be the best for that kid. oh..and kadlaw ko kay ian comment.wah! swerti lng cya kay isog asawa ya

  177. Ria C says:

    A mother will go at lengths to be with her child and no matter the situation, the love we feel to our child/children always prevail.

    I love your story. I remember the days when I held my little one too.

    God Bless!

  178. Hanako says:

    Amazing story πŸ™‚ “A thing that a Mom would do for her child- ENDURE SO MUCH PAIN.” As a daughter, this still gives me goosebumps. That’s unconditional love out there! Amazing πŸ™‚

  179. Zari says:

    Dindin is blessed to have you as her mother. I hope and pray that she will have your faith and strength. πŸ™‚ God bless you and your family.

  180. Julius Juen says:

    Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mother. God bless! Continue to be an inspiration to every mom and family in the world. πŸ™‚

  181. i remember the times when my mother would tell me about how i was a “greedy” little kid when she breastfed me… hahaha! i always have to think how she endured the late nights feeding me and just all the sacrifices. i sometimes ask her, “was i worth it?” and i would smile big whenever she answers me with a BIG YES and a BIG SMILE! πŸ™‚

    it’s really rewarding to be a mom for sure and i’m in awe and grateful for all the mothers, including you! kudos! πŸ™‚

  182. Eunice says:

    Maam Boots, you scared me all the more about giving birth,huhu. But I am always taken aback by the fact that a woman can endure so much childbirth pains and difficulties.

  183. Gudia Neil John says:

    probably the biggest sacrifice a mother can give.

  184. melissa bando says:

    Ouch, painful! Birth stories are not for the faint of heart. I remember when I had my second baby, I went to the hospital by myself, where I learned they do not allow self-admission. I was in labor but managed to swing by the ATM to get cash, I gave the taxi driver a bad scare. πŸ™‚ Keep on writing, Sigs.

  185. Tanya says:

    wow!! good parenting! dindin is so lucky to have u nang. πŸ™‚

  186. Jeana S. Jagorin says:

    It was indeed a great sacrifice Boots! But it was all worth it! Your precious Dindin is God’s great blessing to you and Dennis. Have a happy journey with your family. God bless you always!!!

  187. Lee says:

    Women give birth. Men don’t. Women 1. Men 0.

  188. myra lopez arroz says:

    I had the same feeling as yours when I had my first baby…. But it so fulfilling seeing how they are now. All the pains paid-off. God Bless!

  189. Odette says:

    Nice heart warming story! You’re a wonderful mommy and Dindin is so blessed to have you.

  190. Caroline says:

    This is a story that warms the heart and celebrates life and motherhood. Cheers!

    Caroline Monte

  191. JC says:

    a mom will do anything for her child/children.. i believe, even as a child, din2 can see or feel the love that you have for her.. and i pray that she would be able to realize that and not forget it.. so that as she grows.. she would always be thankful and happy to have a mom like you..

  192. rochie says:

    Being a MOM is priceless… No one can ever do those things than a mom can do.. First thing in the morning before we wake up,she would prepare all those things we needed from head to foot…budget all those necessities and wants that the family needs and to sum it all,to give us love unconditionally. A mom will always be there for us 24/7,ups and down,and achievements and failures….it is indeed a Blessing to have a Mom and being a Mom,just like you,ng Boots…i know you’re really enjoying mothering,.keep it up!

  193. Dan & Michelle says:

    You are truly an amazing mom Bootz! πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen the look in your eyes each time your little girl cries for you. Seeing you embracing her and whispering gentle words to her is so touching and so sweet.

    Keep on writing coz we love reading your stories…it is so inspiring! =)

  194. irenichi says:

    I feel you grid.. πŸ™‚ It’s been 3 1/2 yrs of being a dedicated and hands-on mother myself. But this, obviously, is not the end. Mothering never ends for us mothers. God bless and more power to you and your family. πŸ™‚

  195. michelle says:

    indeed it is true! as mothers, we will do anything for our child even it will cost us our lives!

  196. Hope Carreon-Root says:

    You displayed 3Ds…desire, determination and dedication to see and feed Dindin after giving birth. (Three days of not seeing your baby?!?) I also had C-section but I was ok, stood erect and walked straight a day after. I didn’t have milk right away but I was determined and disciplined to nurse Liam to produce more milk. Our bond is so strong until now.

  197. i heard lots of grueling moments brought by CS and I can’t help but winced when my friends talked about their CS operation…Mine was done in normal but still it scares me but what was worth is seeing God’s creation entrusted to us:) your love for your baby bears all pain…this is an inspitaional testimony:)

  198. hermie says:

    It is never easy to bring life in this world…it entails a lot of pain, sacrifices and more responsibilities. Surely Din is lucky to have you and you to have her…the unexplainable bond of a mother and a daughter…

  199. Benson Heinrick Booc Go says:

    A mom is someone who does almost everything to make her child happy. I can’t feel the pain, but I know that Dindin is in fact a very great blessing from the Lord. Reading the story, I can really assure that Achi Boots is such a great mom. I just hope and pray that Dindin will become as a fine, strong woman and mother like Achi Boots. God Bless.

  200. Shenny Erpelua Soteo says:

    Sigay, reading your story, i can’t help but wonder – does this kind of story give the same effect to those women who have not given birth to a child, with the effect to mothers like me? I know all too well how it felt to bear pain and discomfort just to give comfort and love to our own children. That’s why for me, there’s no other love in this world that is more noble than the love of a mother. God bless you, Sigay, for being so selfless as far as Din-din is concerned. More power…!

  201. grace says:

    wow….who ever read this i know it will give inspiration,your one of a kind….i salute you as a mother of dindin she’s lucky to have you as her mom,god bless !!!

  202. erlyn says:

    As a mom too, i really could say we can endure any pain,anything actually for our children,that’s how great our love to them and that’s show how strong we are for them :). Regards.

  203. Ileana says:

    This is a very touching story… dindin will grow up to be a great kid because she has you as her mom πŸ™‚ God bless and i pray that God will shower you with more blessings, peace and fullness of Joy πŸ™‚

  204. Samuel Moyani Jr. says:

    I said already before and I will say it again that “Mothers are BEST”.

  205. Muhiuddin Ali says:

    I like this story………I can’t imagine the pain my mom suffered when she was on labour!

  206. Nene Dugeno says:

    You really had a somewhat difficult experience, and this is something that contributed to making your first delivery more memorable. It was a good thing also that you were under sedatives, otherwise it would have been more painful. Not in the physical sense, but rather having to endure so much time away from your baby, so near yet so far…but as they say, such events in our lives provide the tempering to further strengthen the innate steel in us…

  207. beni says:

    wow! πŸ™‚ nothing compare’s to a mother’s love. dindin is very blessed to have you as her mom. πŸ™‚ get dindin to read this next time… πŸ™‚

  208. Christina Carla says:

    Wow, hats off to you te πŸ™‚ You insisted for the catheter to be removed while standing. I know the pain you had during those times is more than what I could imagine. The things a mother would do, we cannot comprehend, a reflection of how Jesus endured the pain for us. It’s not easy to be a mother, but by the grace of God, you will be a great mother πŸ™‚ God bless you more!

  209. Quennie says:

    I can relate to your story because I delivered my second child thru CS- section three years ago. It was sooooo painful also.. The pain was doubled compared to normal delivery. I was almost dying at that time since I labored much until baby got fetal distress. But God is great in the midst of everything.. Mom like us always hopes what’s best for her children and always believe and sacrifices much.. and you are one of them..You are The BEST MOM to Dindin.. I know someday when she’s on her right age , I believe that she will appreciate you even more….I salute you with two thumbs up because you have done it well as a mom and as a wife to your hubby….Dindin is also blessed because she got a wonderful mom and dad to raised her up and trained her well … πŸ™‚

  210. Karla says:

    awww..ahay manang, its the love that only a mother can give..Kudos to you gid! And so far, you and ahia both raised dindin well gid.. God bless you always! mwaaah!

  211. Johberg says:

    Being a mother is not an easy task, it takes a lot of sacrifices…sabi nga nila you will only pay your mom’s sacrifices once you become a mother…kaya ako hanga ako sa mga mom na katulad mo….putting your life in danger and enduring all the pain…just to give life to another human being…
    Cheers to all the mom’s out there…you are a living testimony and your blog brings hope and encouragement to us.
    I know you will be one of the best mom…Congrats and God bless

  212. Congrats mommy lo. ikaw na sureness na mananalo. hehehe. It is a privilege of a woman to be a mother and it is great to know a woman like you who accepted that and you devote yourself to be a good mom to your kids.

  213. ariane says:

    wow! your one of the best mom gd nang.. dindin is very blessed to have u as her mother! God bless you more n more!!! mwah

  214. […] competition was pretty tight between Pinay Mama, Lovingly Mama and Hearts content of a mama but at the end it’s Pinay Mama who won with 258 comments on her […]

  215. Gemma says:

    Your story is very inspiring. As mom too…we all have an unconditional and undying love for our children. It doesn’t matter how painful it would be to bring them in this world, at the end of this pain you will feel the greatest joy that no one could ever imagine until you held your newbon in your arms. Congratulations on your new baby! May the good Lord bless her! And thnaks to Grace for sharing this wonderful story. God bless you all!

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