Remembering My Mama Moment at the Breastfeeding Station

Remembering My Mama Moment at the Breastfeeding Station

I had a difficult time from the moment I felt false labor midway to my 35th week until I finally delivered Dindin via C-Section on the 37th week. I had endured so much trauma and was on so much sedatives that while other CS mothers were required to get up and see their babies at the nursing station after 6 hours after delivery, I was allowed to sleep for 24 hours straight. But since I gave birth around 10pm, I did not wake up at the same time the following night but instead slept in for another 10 hours or so to wake up around 8am the third day.

So in short, I have not seen Dindin for about 34 hours since she came into this world. And I was not even aware when she came out. I never heard her cries. I was sedated. I could not even remember my well-wishers 2 days after Dindin’s delivery.

That is why when I was allowed to get up, I asked my husband to take me to the breastfeeding station–dextrose, catheter, and all. When I got there, I requested for my baby, so the nurse got her for me. When she handed Dindin to me, I was having difficulty because of the tubes attached to me. And I was still in so much pain. But when I saw the tiny chinita baby wrapped in white cloth diaper, I cried so hard with tears of joy and thanksgiving to the Lord for bringing her into this world. So the nurse said that maybe I should wait first before I can already feel the urge to pee so that my catheter can be removed and then I can just come back again.

But because she saw me crying, she was sympathetic and held Dindin near me so that I can kiss her. The nurse also tried to reassure me that I can just come back anytime when my catheter is already removed. Sigh…the first time that I held my daughter in my arms and it was not even a minute!

So when I went back to my ward, I focused on feeling the urge to pee. Then I told the nurse that yes, I have that urge and that they can already remove my catheter. I am not sure if this was real or I was just imagining this situation because in my mind, I just wanted to see my baby. I thought, Dindin needed me. She needed to be breastfed, to be held in Mama’s arms, and to hear Mama’s voice to say that everything is alright. That was my moving point. The catheter was removed while I was standing up because I was already restless. I endured the pain but when it was removed, I almost fainted because the pain almost took my breath away.

Well, these are things that a mom would do for her child. πŸ˜€

This is in answer to the question posted by Momma Finally: What is your most memorable moment as a mother?

216 thoughts on “Remembering My Mama Moment at the Breastfeeding Station

  1. grace

    wow….who ever read this i know it will give inspiration,your one of a kind….i salute you as a mother of dindin she’s lucky to have you as her mom,god bless !!!

  2. erlyn

    As a mom too, i really could say we can endure any pain,anything actually for our children,that’s how great our love to them and that’s show how strong we are for them :). Regards.

  3. Ileana

    This is a very touching story… dindin will grow up to be a great kid because she has you as her mom πŸ™‚ God bless and i pray that God will shower you with more blessings, peace and fullness of Joy πŸ™‚

  4. Samuel Moyani Jr.

    I said already before and I will say it again that “Mothers are BEST”.

  5. Muhiuddin Ali

    I like this story………I can’t imagine the pain my mom suffered when she was on labour!

  6. Nene Dugeno

    You really had a somewhat difficult experience, and this is something that contributed to making your first delivery more memorable. It was a good thing also that you were under sedatives, otherwise it would have been more painful. Not in the physical sense, but rather having to endure so much time away from your baby, so near yet so far…but as they say, such events in our lives provide the tempering to further strengthen the innate steel in us…

  7. beni

    wow! πŸ™‚ nothing compare’s to a mother’s love. dindin is very blessed to have you as her mom. πŸ™‚ get dindin to read this next time… πŸ™‚

  8. Christina Carla

    Wow, hats off to you te πŸ™‚ You insisted for the catheter to be removed while standing. I know the pain you had during those times is more than what I could imagine. The things a mother would do, we cannot comprehend, a reflection of how Jesus endured the pain for us. It’s not easy to be a mother, but by the grace of God, you will be a great mother πŸ™‚ God bless you more!

  9. Quennie

    I can relate to your story because I delivered my second child thru CS- section three years ago. It was sooooo painful also.. The pain was doubled compared to normal delivery. I was almost dying at that time since I labored much until baby got fetal distress. But God is great in the midst of everything.. Mom like us always hopes what’s best for her children and always believe and sacrifices much.. and you are one of them..You are The BEST MOM to Dindin.. I know someday when she’s on her right age , I believe that she will appreciate you even more….I salute you with two thumbs up because you have done it well as a mom and as a wife to your hubby….Dindin is also blessed because she got a wonderful mom and dad to raised her up and trained her well … πŸ™‚

  10. Karla

    awww..ahay manang, its the love that only a mother can give..Kudos to you gid! And so far, you and ahia both raised dindin well gid.. God bless you always! mwaaah!

  11. Johberg

    Being a mother is not an easy task, it takes a lot of sacrifices…sabi nga nila you will only pay your mom’s sacrifices once you become a mother…kaya ako hanga ako sa mga mom na katulad mo….putting your life in danger and enduring all the pain…just to give life to another human being…
    Cheers to all the mom’s out there…you are a living testimony and your blog brings hope and encouragement to us.
    I know you will be one of the best mom…Congrats and God bless

  12. mel cole

    Congrats mommy lo. ikaw na sureness na mananalo. hehehe. It is a privilege of a woman to be a mother and it is great to know a woman like you who accepted that and you devote yourself to be a good mom to your kids.

  13. ariane

    wow! your one of the best mom gd nang.. dindin is very blessed to have u as her mother! God bless you more n more!!! mwah

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  15. Gemma

    Your story is very inspiring. As mom too…we all have an unconditional and undying love for our children. It doesn’t matter how painful it would be to bring them in this world, at the end of this pain you will feel the greatest joy that no one could ever imagine until you held your newbon in your arms. Congratulations on your new baby! May the good Lord bless her! And thnaks to Grace for sharing this wonderful story. God bless you all!

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