Religious Statues for Gardens

Religious Statues for Gardens

ceramic chimes

Ceramic garden chimes like the ones I used to have at home. Photo not mine.

When I was younger and still living with my parents, I took the liberty of buying decorations for our garden. We had a spacious one in our suburban home and it was nice to buy stuff to add color to the surroundings. We had a lot of trees and plants around that I can only buy so much stuff to adorn them all. But I try.

Most of the things that I bought were ceramic chimes. Yeah, I love the sound of the chimes clinking when the wind is blowing. I do not believe those things that I read about chimes–I just like the clinking that goes with the blowing of the wind. That relaxes me–these are pleasant to my ears. I also had earthenware like big jars and basins around the place. I also bought a bench and a stool made of concrete. I wanted to achieve a zen garden complete with podocarpus and horsetails.

But I was careful to choose my garden decors. I did not want the garden to look religious so there are no religious statues, even a st francis statue for the garden. And in the same way, there are no dwarfs and fairies either. Okay, the most I had with a rather religious connection was a concrete pagoda, particularly because they matched the bench and stool that we already had. They were gray–the color of cement–and I didn’t want to paint them anymore.

I was quite happy with our garden. Too bad we don’t have that much space here now at my in-laws’ place. I miss taking walks at night just to clear my head. Sigh…

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  1. Karen

    I started plating last week of July. We have a Grotto in my garden but because of the limited space, I cannot add more garden decors.

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