Relaxed Reading with Papa

Relaxed Reading with Papa


Papa and Dindin were reading one night while I was working on my computer. I knew they were reading, but I did not know how they looked like. When I looked around, I was surprised to see them like this so I had to take a photo!

Dindin was so relaxed while Papa was holding up the book. And yeah, they are reading Bible stories. She is very familiar with the persons in the bible and has even memorized a prayer that was summarized from the book of Chronicles.

They also talk about the lifestyle of the past, like the things that the characters of the bible do. I am pretty sure that there are swords, shields, arrows, and bowhunting equipment there!

Dindin has such a vivid imagination and her Papa caters to that by telling these tales. Sometimes they read off a book but then he also spins extra tales to make them more interesting for Dindin. hehe

Well, I just think that this moment is too cute not to capture and also share with you.

3 thoughts on “Relaxed Reading with Papa

  1. The Pepperrific Life

    So cute! It’s amazing how Dindin is able to remember stories already. Her imagination will definitely turn her into a good blogger someday 😉

  2. admin Post author

    @pepay: yeah, she can be so comfortable. hahaha

    @pepper: she has super memory. haha yeah, i think she would, too. she always sees mama blogging.

    thanks for the visit girls!

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