Recent Conversations with Dindin

Recent Conversations with Dindin

Dindin is becoming more prolific with using words and making sentences. She is also starting to make paragraphs. She would always pretend to read books from beginning to end, like she would start with, “Once upon a time…” But the middle part will become all garbled. When she will close the book, she will say, “The end.”

Last Saturday, we painted eggs, and she said, “Papa egg, Mama Egg, and Dindin egg.” because we drew faces on our eggs.

One time, she removed the tape of a party hat, which looked like a visor, and so when unraveled, the whole thing looked long. She gave the other end to me while holding the other, and said, “Mama, skipping rope.” I said, “No, that’s a hat.” She looked at me intently and declared, “It’s a skipping rope hat.” Okay…

At another time, I was working here in the computer when she called my attention. “Mama, where did this come from?” She was standing on the bed holding a plastic jar filled halfway with plastic bead. I told her, “That is the container of the candy. Remember the jelly beans? And Mama just filled it up with beads. Remember?” She looked at me like  her mind was off somewhere and after a few seconds, she nodded slowly, as if thinking, “Oh yeah, I remember that.” hahahaha

Last weekend, we were playing with her shape sorter. She kept on talking to herself like,
“Oh my shapes! What this? It’s a hexagon. Oh oh, mama, please help. I can’t fit it. Oh, there! Thanks! What this? It’s a trapezoid. Turn it around…” And seeing that there were numbers on the shapes, she said, “I love counting!” LOL

Yesterday, we were at her Lola’s house and her Papa asked her, “What are you doing?” She replied, “Dindin is sitting on a chair.”

She is just so cute when she says these things because she can talk clearly now but her voice is still like that of a toddler. hihi So adorable.

Wrong Grammar
But recently, she said something with wrong grammar. While we were playing in the room, she looked at us and said, “Papa have a boy. Mama have a girl. Dindin have a girl.” LOL Well, the verb was wrong because she meant “is….” But that’s okay, she’s only two years old and we cannot really expect two-year-old kids to have perfect grammar, right? hahahaha

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