Really Common Cosmetic Dentistry Misconceptions

G.P. – When it comes to dentistry, we have two main types: general and cosmetic. Patients do tend to confuse these two and there are so many misconceptions about them as time passed with regards to cosmetic dentistry in particular. You need to get your facts straight since cosmetic dentistry is really advantageous for us in so many different situations. You can take advantage of the procedures that can be done through professionals like at and all starts with dismissing the myths. We present those that are quite common at the moment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Really Expensive
This is by far the most common of all the misconceptions. You do not really need to be incredibly rich to afford the cosmetic dentistry procedures. Some are much cheaper than you imagine. What you have to understand is that there are different opportunities available and even procedures that are expensive have different payment plans associated that would help you to easily deal with the expense. Why not take advantage of the possibility of negotiating a plan with the cosmetic dentistry clinic? At the same time, remember that various factors affect prices from cosmetic clinic reputation to materials used during the procedures.

All Teeth Have To Be Treated
This misconception normally appears with procedures like teeth whitening. Patients tend to think that all teeth need to be treated in order to get a truly perfect smile. When you first go to the cosmetic dentist’s office you will go through an initial consultation. That is where needs are determined and when the dentist will make different recommendations. In most situations we have patients that only need some teeth fixed to get the perfect smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Takes A Lot Of Time
Such a misconception appears because of the fact that many see cosmetic dentistry as being exactly the same as general dentistry. You do not actually need to go through different procedures in order to have a great result. In fact, most of the procedures are going to require only one follow up after many months. Get your facts straight and do talk with the dentist about how long the exact procedure youa re interested in will take.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Painful
This is another misconception that should never be believed. In reality, it is normal to experience discomfort but not really pain. If you feel extreme pain or simply too much pain, it is the fault of the dentist and you just need to go to another one. Cosmetic dentistry stands out as being largely painless. Dental professionals normally use numbing agents or anesthetic in order to remove any pain.

Cosmetic Dentistry Ruins Teeth
This should not be believed, period. Cosmetic dentistry stands out as being really useful for many situations where teeth are damaged. We are faced with a dentistry type that is basically designed to treat tooth appearance instead of the structure. You will not end up with teeth being harmed. In most situations you will end up feeling a lot more confident about your appearance because of how the smile will look like due to this external treatment.

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