Rainy Day Gear

Rainy Day Gear

rain coat and gum boots

Dindin in complete rain gear

We are not going to school in the next couple of years but it is the rainy season now so I thought of buying rain gear for Dindin. What we do is dress her up whenever it rains and so she gets to play outside. She doesn’t like taking a bath in the rain because her face will get wet, but she enjoys playing outside if she has rain gear on.

The colorful umbrella was given to her when she was younger. We bought the butterfly poncho and gum boots just recently. Thankfully, the boots were on sale and we got it for only P150. I guess she will be wearing this for a long time because it is still quite big for her. hehe And so is the poncho. Isn’t it fun?

We do not really have a lot of budget but we are able to buy these things for her because after all, she is not yet in school. So the budget that we are supposed to pay in school is used to buy things that she can just enjoy at home…like these. So at least, she can enjoy them even and get to experience going under the rain even if she is not a school girl.

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