Quick Trip to Mambukal Resort

Quick Trip to Mambukal Resort

We had a really quick trip to Mambucal (Mambukal) Resort in Minoyan, Murcia today. It is really quick. We left the house around 8:45 AM and was home around 11:3AM. Imagine that. And the drive to Mambucal takes about 45 minutes! lol

Yeah, that is because we just hitched a ride with The Blade Spa @ Mambucal Manager, Miss Jen, who went there for her check up visit. She could not stay long and we could not either, as we have a family lunch at home and we have church in the afternoon at 4pm. So it was just right for us. We only wanted Dindin to breathe in some fresh mountain air as well as see new sights. πŸ˜€ Below are a couple of family pictures. πŸ˜€

mambucal family pic

Then Miss Jen asked me to try their service as part of their routine check up of their services. It was quality control. And so I had a 30-minute invigorating foot massage in their cozy outdoor spa while inhaling the smell of naturally occurring sulfur in the sulfuric dipping pool just beside the spa. Meanwhile, my hubby and baby went around the resort. Here are the fun pixes. πŸ˜€

mambucal photos

From left, 1) Dindin and Papa are marveling at the fruit bats hanging upside down from the really tall trees. 2) Dindin doing her fly-fly–she must have sensed the freedom that the open space at Mambucal gives. 3) Papa trying to get Dindin to smile to the camera. πŸ˜€ Notice that Dindin is still wearing her pajamas. Well, she was still asleep and wouldn’t wake up. So we just changed her nappies and carried her while she was still sleeping. She woke up while we were on our way to the house of Miss Jen.

Here are more photos.

1) Dindin beside the Spa Natura tarpaulin poster. 2) Dindin trudging a dirt road. 3) Our family with Miss Jen in front of The Blade Spa @ Mambukal.

mambucal photos2

We went home really happy and refreshed. This was Dindin’s first visit to Mambucal Resort. Our family has had a couple of trips to Mambucal Resort already however those were also the times that Dindin was sick. So we were not able to go. So we are happy that she was able to go to the resort. Next time, we hope that she can already go swimming. πŸ˜€

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