Quick Furnace Repairs to Try Prior to Calling a Repair Service in Richmond

Quick Furnace Repairs to Try Prior to Calling a Repair Service in Richmond

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Your furnace is necessary to keep you comfortable in your own home. However, if it is not maintained properly, serious issues can arise. If you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, you may want to attempt a few repairs, prior to calling for furnace repair Richmond BC. These repairs may help you save some money and ensure your furnace remains working efficiently throughout the year.

Change the Filter

One of the first things you can do if the furnace stops working efficiently is to change the air filter. This can actually block the return air flow for the furnace, causing it to reduce the amount of hot air produced and may even cause the entire unit to shut down. Prior to calling for repairs in Richmond, it is a good idea to change the filter and see if this solves the issue that is present.

Check the Thermostat

In some cases, there may be nothing wrong with the furnace at all. In fact, the issue may be with the thermostat. If the furnace will not come on, or it will not blow hot air, then you should try the following tips to see if you can rectify the issue:

  • Set the thermostat to the heat setting instead of cool.
  • Move the thermostat to five degrees over the normal temperature to see if the furnace will kick on.
  • Try to replace the batteries in the thermostat.

Shut the Blower Motor Panel

If the blower panel has been opened for a repair and not shut properly, it can result in the furnace running. Be sure to check the panel prior to calling for service. This can cause the entire unit to not function properly.

Evaluate the Health of the Air Ducts

If your furnace seems to be working well, but you notice a few cold spots in the home, then the answer may be with the air ducts. The first thing you should do is to check for any handles that are protruding from the ducts. These are the dampers that control the flow of air. Be sure they are completely open. If there are still some rooms that are cold then there may be holes, cracks or gaps in the ducts, which allows hot air to escape. This is a leaking ducts and will result in serious inefficiency for the home.

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