Purple Outfit and Purple Shopping Cart

Purple Outfit and Purple Shopping Cart

purple shopping cart

Dindin wore an all-purple outfit and rode in a purple shopping cart at Gaisano City

Dindin got all the parts of her purple ensemble as gifts. The last of the things that we got was the striped purple leggings that friend Athena brought for Dindin.

I let her wear everything when we went for our monthly grocery schedule at Gaisano Supermarket. And there, she found this purple shopping cart and she immediately went in. When I asked her to pose for the camera, that is how she preferred to pose. haha

But well, like with all shopping carts, she did not stay here for long. She does not like riding shopping carts. She would rather push them and get stuff from the aisle to be put in there–just like what Papa and Mama does.

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  1. admin Post author

    no idea gid pay. she would pose in the way she wants and you could not make her change it until you click the camera. haha

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