Protect Your Family 24 Hours a Day with Hygiene 24

Protect Your Family 24 Hours a Day with Hygiene 24

When we went to the SMX Convention Center for the Corporate Giveaways Exhibit, one of the booth that we came upon was that of Hygienius Inc.

I was told that their hand sanitizer (which I later learned is like a hand shield) works 24 hours a day, even after 10 washings with soap and water, because it coats the hands and fingernails. So you only need a single application. Needless to say, I was intrigued. You see, what the guys at the booth did not know was that between three of us carrying three bags (Papa, Mama and Dindin), we had four small bottles of alcohol and hand sanitizers between us because we use them frequently throughout the day. We also have two liters of hand sanitizing gel and a couple of liters of rubbing alcohol left at home. Yes, we buy these things in bulk. Call us paranoid, but we just want to protect ourselves especially when we are traveling. We don’t want bum tummies and other ailments hampering our itineraries.

So we talked some more and bought a bottle worth P199.00. I told them that I was a mommy blogger and would blog about their product, Sales Manager Dario P. Calisang overheard us and gave me an extra bottle with the promise that he would send me reading materials. How nice. ๐Ÿ˜€

With extra materials and more time to read them at home, it was clear to me now that they have two main products and how they work. I was able to appreciate the products more.

1. HYGIENE PRO Surface Shield
2. HYGIENE 24 Hand Shield

Hygiene Pro Surface

Hygiene Pro Surface Shield

Hygiene Pro Surface Shield
This is more than a disinfectant because their antimicrobial coating technology is the equivalent of “electric-fence protection”, in that it is continuously active, and microbes landing on a treated surface are destroyed on contact. And the coating is so effective that it can last for weeks even with just a single application. And the good thing is, it is deadly on microbes, but safe for humans, plants, and pets.

Because of this, homemakers, office workers, and those in the medical industry can really save on disinfection and sanitation costs. If you run an office, you will realize the protection that Hygience Pro Surface Shield can give to your staff and customers.

For Surfaces
Hygiene Pro coating is great for dining tables, kitchen sinks, utensils, dishes, floors, walls and ceilings. If you employ the method of misting for application, you can do it once every 90 days.

For Aircons
You can spray Hygiene Pro on the filter, vents and air handling units once a month.

For Restaurants
Spray Hygiene Pro on the dining tables and wipe with a clean cloth and let dry. You can do this at least once or a maximum of twice a week. The tables can be cleaned with plain or scented water in between treatments. The plates and utensils should also go through HYGIENE PRO dipping once or even twice a week.

Meanwhile, the staff, employees and waiters of the restaurant could be made to use the Hygiene 24 Hand Shield twice during their shift.

Hygiene 24 Hand Shield
The Hygiene 24 Hand Shield has lab-tested advantages. Its patented formula kills and protects hands against bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, algae and protozoa. That is a big range of pathogens covered.


Keep your hands protected all day.

When you apply it, the liquid coats the skin and nails with a protective, invisible, and indelible anti-microbial shield that protects you from germs for up to 10 hand washings with soap and water without reapplication. This is especially good if you have young children three to five years old who are already in school. A lot of them are not very aware of the dangers of using their hands to eat or rubbing their eyes and noses if they did not wash their hands. They may use the toilet and not wash their hands, too. So the Hygiene 24 keeps them protected. You can apply it on their hands before they leave school and they are protected.

Additionally, Hygiene 24 Hand Shield leaves a soothing feel after application on the hands and prevents the drying of skin. It is perfectly safe for kids and pets.

Hygiene 24 illustration

How it Works. The activeโ€™s C18 chain appears to be a food source of a โ€œfriendlyโ€ environment. The electrostatic charge on the nitrogen disrupts the cell wall (lysis) and the microbe dies.

Distributed by Hygienius Inc.
The Sanitation Solution Specialists
Tel. Nos. (02) 738-8589, 794-3692 & 794-3741

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    this does brings about the question of super germs that will evolve due to hand sanitizers. I have also read how anti bacterial soaps have affected how water treatment plants work.

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    interesting product! i would love to try this one too rather than buying so many specialized disinfectant liquids. the huge size would save a lot of time and money. thank you for sharing dear!

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    This sounds really great! I would also love to try <3
    thanks a lot for sharing, very interesting & informative!

  5. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

    I am a frequent hand washer because I’m a bit OC about it. Even though I use hand sanitizer, I don’t really feel clean with it so I really have to wash my hands. Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like a good product though ๐Ÿ™‚

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    i am OC at stuffs like these so this will really be handy for me! are these available in supermarkets + groceries? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Did you also get to try the Hygiene Pro? We’ve been having problems with molds at home. They’ve sprouted all over the house when the rainy season started. Nothing seems to work on them. ๐Ÿ™

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      not yet but when I will order next week, I will get to try it na ๐Ÿ˜€

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