Prognosis: Acute Gastroenteritis in Infants

Prognosis: Acute Gastroenteritis in Infants

So we went through the fecalysis for Dindin. We were able to get the stool sample that we needed last Monday. After washing her and changing her nappies, her father was already out the door and on to the Bacolod Diagnostics Lab, which was about a 3-minute drive from our place. He had to hurry because the doctor advised to have the stool analyzed within 30 minutes. Imagine the pressure on us!

After a couple of hours, I called the lab and the result was ready. We picked it up and texted the results to the doc. The stool exam showed no trace of mucous, blood, or parasite (presence of which indicates amoeba), or other things, except that the bacilli were many. So I thought, okay, Dindin has bacterial infection. The doctor texted back that my daughter has Acute Gastroenteritis but without dehydration, which is a common symptom among patients of such a condition.

So for the management of Acute Gastroenteritis in infants, here is what our doctor advised:

1. 1 pack Hydrite dissolved in 200 ml water, given throughout the day to replace lost minerals (for 3 days)

2. .75ml of Zinc for the stool (14 days)

3. 1 pack Protexin Restore daily (5 days)

4. Soft diet of porridge, apple, banana, and crackers

I am just thankful that Dindin responded well to the management and on the third day, she only pooped 3x. Her poop is no longer loose, thanks to zinc. I am also very thankful that it was only acute gastroenteritis and not amoeba, so the interventions are not drugs but merely therapies, minerals and probiotics. And despite the many poopy sessions, Dindin remained energetic and did not lose her appetite.

Oh praise God. Dindin is well again! ๐Ÿ˜€

2 thoughts on “Prognosis: Acute Gastroenteritis in Infants

  1. Anne Jillian D. Tinasas

    Get well soon baby din! ๐Ÿ™‚ GOD LOVES YOU VERY MUCH!

  2. admin Post author

    she’s fine now tita jill. thank you very much for the prayers. ๐Ÿ˜€ btw, nalipatan mo naman bring iya gift no? hihihi

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