Pretty and Yummy Cupcakes by Flibby’s

Pretty and Yummy Cupcakes by Flibby’s

As many of you know, my daughter (but I think that it is more like me haha) is now addicted to Tinkerbell. LOL One our friends, Tita Toni, joined in the fun and she keeps looking for sites on the net that are selling Tinkerbell stuff.

And guess what? She gave Dindin half a dozen Tinkerbell cupcakes from Flibby’s! Boy, that was a really sweet gesture, literally and figuratively.

Dindin did not notice it at first but when she learned that those were Tinkerbell cupcakes, she dived onto the box from where her Papa was holding her. So she had some icing on her hands! haha She loved them. The fairies made of gum paste actually looked more like Fairy Mary, the supervisor of all the tinker fairies, but nevertheless, when Dindin saw the yellow hair and the green dress then that was already Tinkerbell for her!

Too pretty to eat! Tinkerbell cupcakes from Flibby’s.

And because it was made by Flibby’s, the rainbow colored butter cupcakes tasted really good! And the icing was sweet and buttery! We loved it! Dindin of course ate some of the cupcakes, too. 😀

Flibby’s was the one that made the birthday cake of Tita Toni’s daughter when she turned 18 and had the theme Molls and Mobsters. They were all dressed like the Mafia and the Mob Wives for that party.

Thanks again Tita Toni! That was sooo sweet of you to remember Dindin! 😀

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