Pretend Play

Pretend Play

I am new to the concept of pretend play until I talked with my friend Karen early this week. I mean, I know about it, but I never thought of Dindin doing pretend play.

Anyway, I am not sure when this started but these are the things that Dindin pretends to do. But I am pretty sure that some of these things started before she turned 1 year old.

1. Remove the cap from the pen and write on paper. Dindin follows the example of Ang Kong. She always sees Ang Kong writing something in the store. Up until now, she would never write on anything except paper. She would roam the house trying to look for paper if she happens to have a pen in hand.

2. Pretending to be a security guard. One time, Dindin and her grand parents went to SM. From that point on, she would talk to her hand. We wondered what she was trying to follow and then we realized that she was trying to be like the guards at BDO, talking on their radios.

3. Like an old person. One time, Dindin got hold of the slide for a long Morocco folder. I ran to get it from her until I realized what she was doing. She used it as a can and she was bent forward like and old woman, shaking as she walked. I wonder where she saw an old person using a cane?

4. Exercising like A-ma. Dindin saw A-ma one exercising her arms. Dindin looked at her and followed suit.

5. Play house. We bought her a meal set a couple of months ago. Since then, she would pretend like she was feeding us with food and letting us drink from the cup. The problem is, we have to have the reaction that she expects, otherwise, she will cry. Like if she gives us the spoon, we have to say “Mi yumi yumi yum!” If she hands us the glass, we have to say “ffft…aahhh aahhh ahhhh”. The problem however is that she thinks that eating is just mere play. Then last night we bought a cooking set. She would cook, cover the pans, and serve food.

6. Catwalk. Sometimes, Dindin thinks she is a fashion model, modelling clothes. Whether she is wearing it or just carrying it, she would sashay across the room.

7. Dressing Up. Ever since she could sit down, Dindin would stretch anything made of fabric over her head–bib, cloth diaper, etc. We thought that she needed a toy that she can stretch so we bought one. Then we found out that she was trying to wear clothes and put them on herself.

8. Feeding her babies. I have blogged about this earlier, that Dindin takes care of her babies like a doting mother. She feeds them, hugs them, and kisses them all. And she pointed out to me that the baby she loves the most is her eldest. Would you believe that?

9. Driving. Dindin has started pretending to drive around 6 months old. We drove to the Bacolod-Silay Airport to pick up someone. While we were waiting, she sat on her Papa’s lap and pretended to drive, gear shift and all!

10. She also likes to mimic sounds. She would mimic the sound of the scanner of Robinsons cash register, the hazard, the signal light, a whistle, a bird, etc.

I am not sure if this is still pretend play, but she really knows how to use her toys. She would hit the xylophone with its stick, the drums with their sticks, would use my fingers to play on her keyboard, use the phone like she was really talking to someone, and fly a plane in the air using her hands.

To be exact, she is now 15 months and 4 days today.

3 thoughts on “Pretend Play

  1. dreamer

    when Papa imitates the sound of an elephant, she would attempt to do the same. of course, she is not capable of imitating the same sound yet. but she tries…..

  2. pepay

    she knows when to use, how to use, what to use… hehehe…. kag sagad na cya mag sunod2….no wonder dasig lang cya mka memorize sg mga signs…

  3. admin Post author

    yes pay. maski daw wala gapamati, gamati gle xa. kulbaan ka gani manglibak. hahahaha

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