Preparing for Her Lessons

Preparing for Her Lessons

As many of you know, I would like to homeschool Dindin. I would try my capacity as a teaching mom, if I have the propensity for it. For now, we think that Dindin doesn’t need to enroll in pre-nursery classes because she already knows a lot for her age.

But I would like to teach her more and start her on a more structured class starting June this year so simulate the opening of classes in regular schools. For this summer, I will just enroll her in the DVBS of our church this April and another one in the mother church this coming June. Both will last for 5 days. I think I can handle that. And it is cheap, too. If I enroll her in summer classes in regular pre-schools, most of them cost P3,000 for a month. I think that is too much money for now. I will just try to expose her to different things.

But you know, if there is one thing that I would like to invest in, that is a printer. I can do a lot of things if I have a printer here in the room, as opposed to asking my husband to print something for me. Then I can make adjustments myself. I wonder if hp printers are worth it? Most of what is available locally is the Brother printers. We have an exclusive Brother distributorship here in the city that is why suddenly, Brother became popular. But we all know that Hp printers have been around longer and have proven their worth. I am just not sure with the newer models. And are they cost effective in terms of ink usage? There are printers that I know that are cheap but their inks are realllllyyy expensive. Sigh…I would like to make this my next project.

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