Preparing for Dindin’s 2nd Birthday

Preparing for Dindin’s 2nd Birthday

Imagine that. Dindin is not yet 1 year and a half and here I am already getting excited at her second birthday.

Actually, I got excited because:

1. We already have a party. All we need is to come up with unique ways for the kids to have fun. I am pretty sure that every one of Dindin’s friends had already attended a Jollibee birthday party in the past, so I would like it to be something different.

2. The theme. I am actually forcing the theme. You see, a friend of ours already gave a dress to Dindin, a few weeks after she was born. It did not fit her on her first birthday, so it will have to fit on her second. So we will work around the peach color. Then I thought, why not attach wings on them so that she will be Fairy Princess. Papa Dennis did not like the idea of a fairy, so he suggested, “BUTTERFLY PRINCESS.” Okay, now, that got me really excited.

3. We don’t have a lot of resources but we would like to have the most fun for our little one and her friends on her birthday. So we want to prepare early. Would you believe, we have already started buying stuff for her giveaways and the pabitin? lol But that is middle class mentality for you, you save for what you want.

I remember my own birthdays when I was a child and how my Nanay prepared for them. As early as 6 months before each of our birthdays, she would buy chicks from the poultry store and fatten them for our special days. Sometimes, she would have a ducks, too. Or whatever livestock there is. So throughout the year, there is pretty much livestock in our backyard, as my birthday is in July, Nanay’s in September, my brother in October, and my Tatay in December. Not to mention Lolo in November and Lola in early December (when they were still alive).

Nanay got really excited preparing for each of our birthdays. So I guess it is the same with me. As I had seen with my own mom, now I am doing for my own child. But since I don’t have space for livestock here at Wilmar Enterprises, then I will contend myself with preparing for her birthdays digitally. hahaha That is, digital designs and all.

Nanay prepared a special birthday party for me until I was seven years old. Then every year after that, we had simple family gatherings until the time I reached 18, where I had a really special party, even if it was only held at home. I wore a gown, had my hair and make up done, had a three-layered cake, and lots of food and guests. hihihi It was already grand by our standards.

As for Dindin I guess she will also have children’s parties until she will be 7. And then her 13th, instead of the usual debut. But more details on this later. I still have a second birthday party to prepare for. lol

I guess it doesn’t mean if it is grand in the eyes of other people or not. But for a child, the way his or her mom has prepared for his or her birthday party means so much. Looking back, my parents gave me the best of what they could afford at that time. And for me back then, from my vantage point as a child, they were already grand celebrations. So it is with Dindin. We may have a limited budget, but I want to make the most of what we have in order to celebrate her birthday. After all, her birth has been and continues to be a miracle in our lives. We can only thank God by celebrating everyday with her, especially her birthdays, with all our hearts. 😀

3 thoughts on “Preparing for Dindin’s 2nd Birthday

  1. Jenners

    You might as well force your idea on their birthday now … when they get older, they have OPINIONS and THOUHTS of their own and you won’t get your way! HAHA! ; )

  2. pp

    indi ka gid man excited a. hehe but well, i guess it is good to be prepared early. you get to save on things that are on sale.

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