Pregnancy Week 21: Baby Decorations

Pregnancy Week 21: Baby Decorations

Last time, I made decors for our room that it looks like a nursery now. hahaha Funny, I never really asked my husband if it’s okay with him. I mean this is OUR room, but I went on to making it look like a nursery. Thankfully, he had no qualms about it. Good husband! 😀

Later, after I finish my layouts, I will make red, black, and white decorations, too. I know that there are toys being sold in the market and some of them look like the ones pictured below, but I have not actually found them in our local stores.

And there are other products, too, like socks and clothes. But they are pretty expensive. My husband and I have been going around baby stuff and they are really expensive.

So I thought of making the most that we got. Last time, when Lopue’s San Sebastian had a midnight sale, I went with my in-laws. I bought a couple each of red, black, and white cartolinas. And so later, I will make decors out of them. For now, I am thinking of doing posters. Eventually, they will be 3-dimensional things.

I am already starting doing these things because I still feel good. My tummy is not so big yet and I have gotten over the discomforts of the first trimester. So later, I will start doing my baby posters!

By is moving pretty much around my tummy. During my last ultrasound, baby is on the right side. Today, he or she seems to be tickling my left side. And baby is pretty active several times in a day. When I get excited, baby moves around, too. I am just so excited to see and hold my firstborn soon!

God bless you all! 😀

“Chances are good you’re feeling someone performing a round-off back handspring in your uterus by now. Is there any other feeling this cool? Other highlights this week:

By now your baby looks like a mini-version of what she’ll look like when she’s born. All her facial features are formed and hair is growing on her head. She’s even acting like a baby and will occasionally suck her thumb or yawn. Aww …”

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