Pregnancy 8th Week: Hunger Pangs and Laziness

I get very hungry since last week. On the average, I get hunger pangs every two hours. And they can be really nasty. Actually, whenever I feel thirsty or hungry, I get hyperacidic that sometimes I no longer know the difference.

While I have learned to cope and manage the symptoms of pregnancy at this point, there are really times that the pain tires me so much that I just lie down in bed most of the day. Antacids are my best friends now. I also drink alkaline water by Nature’s Spring–the one that comes in a red bottle. I am pretty sure that it is helping. I am not paid to endorse this. I just drink it because my OB approved it.

I am also particularly lazy. Arggggh…My work would be like: look for file, rest for 2 hours, open the file, rest for two hours, edit the file, rest for two hours, etc, etc. One layout of mine was finished in 3 days!!!

I guess I just have to have better resolve to work. It is a decision that I have to do, otherwise, it is easy to fall into the trap of excusing myself all the time.

I eat frequent small meals. The problem is I don’t like repeating food. So yeah, no leftovers for me. ARggghhh. It is so hard to think of what to eat the next meal, especially if the interval is two hours. It seems that all I do is eat and sleep.

I am counting the days till I reach the golden time of pregnancy–the second trimester. I hope that it will come in at most 4 weeks. I just console myself with the thought of holding my baby after 38 weeks. 😀

Baby Development at 8th Weeks, according to

During your 8th week of pregnancy, your baby’s face is becoming more defined: eyelids have formed, his nose is beginning to protrude, and his upper lip is taking shape. Where there once were only stubs, fingers and toes are starting to develop from his arms and legs. His heart is beating quickly and strong inside his tiny body.

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