Pregnancy 14th Week: Food Aversions

Pregnancy 14th Week: Food Aversions

It is now the 14th week of my second pregnancy and I can say that there are many differences to my first, especially when it comes to food aversions.

When I was approaching my 12th week, I became excited. I thought I would become less queasy. But as it turned out, the aversions continued and they didn’t change a bit. Tonight I had chicken liver for dinner. While I cringe at the look of the dish at first glance, I didn’t really have much of a choice because I didn’t like the other dish either, which was sauteed cabbage. So I just ate. After about an hour, I threw up the liver and only the liver–not the rice, banana, and prunes that I also ate.

And the sad part is, I do have cravings from time to time. And when I do give in to the cravings, I would regurgitate them after a few hours. Such a waste of money. That is why I have decided now not to give in to my cravings.

My stomach has also developed what I call selective digestion. For example, I craved for a local delicacy called fresh lumpia a couple of weeks back. I ate a couple of them around 12noon, had my lunch around 12:30pm and then had snacks around 4:00pm. When 6pm came, I threw up the fresh lumpia and not the things I ate in between. Waaaa 6 hours and the fresh lumpia was still there!

The hyperacidity is not so bad anymore. However, the gas and flatulence are still very active. I am still very tired and lazy, mostly because Dindin has been sick and I had to take care of her as well.

Baby bump is getting more prominent, mostly because I already have some fatty deposits beforehand. But despite everything, it seems that time is going fast and I will soon be holding our second child. That is what makes me excited. 😀

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