Pregnancy 10th Week: Easing Up

At 10 weeks, my queasiness is already starting to ease, especially my aversion to smells in the kitchen. I have already cooked a dish–or at least the char siu sauce of a fish. I can eat pretty much everything by now except that if the food contains a lot of sugar, I would get acidic and throw up eventually.

The bloating, gas, and flatulence continues–the more embarassing symptoms of my pregnancy. Even I am annoyed with the smell that I let out. Ugh! It does not help to solve my queasiness, but there is really nothing that I can do. My husband says that I should just be more accepting of the fact. Maybe he is right, but then again, it is easier for him to say it. LOL

Thankfully, my only weight gain is only about a pound till now, thanks to the queasiness and the occasional vomiting. I really hope I can maintain this because I am already overweight to start with and I no longer need additional weight except for the baby bump. *crossing my fingers

Acidity is still pretty bad and I have found out that if I throw up the acid, I would feel better afterwards. Then I will just take antacids. They are my best friends now.

For now, I am back to using my usual toiletries and fragrances. I don’t feel aversion to them anymore. At least I no longer have to buy perfume from

Baby is now about the size of a prune. Sometimes I wonder if I am really pregnant because aside from the queasiness, I do not really feel anything pertaining to my midsection. Oh well, yeah it is growing a bit, but still not much. I am pretty sure that the baby, who is now a fetus, is growing steadily.

Praying for safe and healthy pregnancy for both mom and baby. 😀

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