Pre-Orthodontic Trainer for Kids Aligned my Child’s Permanent Teeth

How the T4K Works!

trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
Look at my daughter’s beautiful teeth. But her set had not always been that way. Read more.

As the granddaughter of a dental aid, I had been a proponent for dental health. My grandfather took care of my teeth while growing up and up to this day, I have maintained the dental practices that he taught me.

And this legacy of healthy teeth I planned to pass on to my children. Our eldest daughter Shawna has beautiful milk teeth and I committed to take care of them because I know that permanent teeth would grow well if they replace good ones.

However, life can sometimes go the opposite way of your plans. Shawna, as it turned out has a small mouth and therefore, a small jaw. And it didn’t help either that she started losing her front teeth at six years of age, so her face was still small.

trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
How Shawna’s teeth looked before using T4K. The gap in the middle is not even aligned to the bridge of her nose!

When the permanent teeth started coming out, they were BIG! Humongous, in fact, for her tiny jaw. And they were sticking out on all sides. For a teeth OC, it looked horrible to me. I shuddered at the fact that she might have to wear braces someday, mainly because I know that braces can be very expensive and also difficult to manage.

Bacolod dentist for kids
Dr. Dianne Margaret Lim-Militante of Comfydent Dental in Bacolod City. We had been regulars in this clinic ever since my daughter was 2 years old.

When we went for her routine teeth cleaning at Comfydent Dental Clinic here in Bacolod City, her dentist, Dr. Dianne Margaret Lim-Militante, suggested that we let her use the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer for Kids. It was a dental appliance made of soft rubber that the child can wear throughout the night when they are asleep. If you are really in a hurry, you could also let them wear it for a couple of hours during day. That would be a good way to keep them quiet for some moments, too. Hehe Shaped like our jaws, it is designed to “force” the teeth to move and be in position with continued use. It will also expand the jaw. But since it is soft, it will not cause gum irritation.

trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
Shawna’s pink Trainer for Kids.
Trainer for Kids, Trainer for teeth
This is already a couple of years old. It is still soft.

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer for Kids or T4K is not very expensive like braces but it is not cheap either. But the results are fantastic. We bought the T4K for our daughter but with the instructions that she was to use them regularly—every night, in fact. Plus, the development of her teeth were to be monitored monthly by her dentist. And, of course, I did, too. We were also informed that depending on the development, she might need a second appliance so that her chin will not protrude.

I have to admit that there were times that Shawna was not able to wear them every night. That was because the trainers made her produce more saliva and it triggers the coughing mechanism. So if she has allergic cough, we would skip using them. There were also times that she would wake up during the night and she would take them off and refuse to wear them again.

trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
After using the T4K for a couple of months, the teeth have moved a lot already.
trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
This was taken last year. Shawna’s front teeth have not yet grown fully.

But after a month, I really saw a significant improvement in the growth of her permanent teeth. They were moving! And yes, moving in the right direction. After about four months, she didn’t need to wear them anymore and at present, her teeth are already aligned for that beautiful smile!

I was amazed at how this simple dental appliance can work wonders like that on my daughter’s teeth. It was really worth it. Ask your dentist about it. T4K price is P7,000. See our Bacolod dentist for kids about it. Note: Price may change. This was how much we paid two years ago.

Tips for Using Pre-Orthodontic Trainer for Kids
1. Let your child brush her teeth very well. It is best if they can gargle with mouthwash or take an anti-bacterial supplement that can kill the bacteria in the mouth. Remember that the mouth will be covered all night and can be breeding ground for bacteria. In our case, we gave her water with bee propolis drops, which is a natural anti-bacterial.

2. Let your child wear them every night before going to bed. Let it stay all night. When they don’t have classes during the weekends, let them wear it for at least 2 hours during the day for faster results.

3. The next morning, let your child gargle very well to rise the mouth of saliva and bacteria.

4. Visit your dentist for regular check-ups so that the development may be monitored.

4. The trainers can smell so bad after staying in the mouth overnight. I used an organic liquid soap and a toothbrush to clean it. Sometimes, I used toothpaste. Then I would soak it in baking soda every few days to deodorize it. Make sure to rinse it with drinking or purified water and dry it before letting your child put it on.

trainer for kids, trainer for teeth
Beautiful smile. Thanks to T4K.

We did not regret buying the T4K for our daughter. It worked well for us that we decided to have her teeth adjusted while the permanent ones were still growing so their growth was “disciplined” to be in the right place. We are very satisfied with the results and we are thankful that our dentist recommended it.

Bacolod dentist for kids
Our kids with their dentist at Comfydent Dental in Bacolod City several years back.

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