Praying for a Baby Alive Doll

Praying for a Baby Alive Doll

Dindin first saw and touched (not even held) a Baby Alive doll was during our couples cell group Christmas party last December 2009. Dindin was 9 months old then. The doll was owned by Gadielle, our Pastor’s daughter. But look at her eyes and how interested she is with the big baby doll. Look at her picture then.

dindin and baby alive

This doll created a special place in her memory bank. You see, every time we went to Toys R Us at Robinsons Place thereafter, she would ask to be brought to the dolls section. You know how she does that? Her Papa would carry her around facing front in a body carrier. Dindin would then swing her carried to the direction where she wants to go. If we follow her, we would realize that she wanted to go to the Dolls Section. And surprisingly, she knows where it is. The first time she did this, she cooed, babbled, and smiled in front of the doll while touching the box. Her Papa asked her, “You like it? Ask Mama.” Dindin looked at me with eager eyes, but I said, “No.” So she said “No” as well and put up her index finger and signed no. No bargaining. Good girl, we said. Then she withdrew interest on the doll and we went our way.

baby alive dolls

But this happened every time we go to Toys R Us. She would look at the doll and admire it and then we would go on our way.

Today was a different thing. We went to Robinsons because Papa had to buy a laptop cooler at Cd-R King. Dindin and I stayed at Toys R Us. When her Papa came to see us, we left but we brought along a Toys R Us catalogue, which the publish from time to time in order to let the people know of their stocks on hand. In our bedroom, we put away our stuff, bathed Dindin and went on with our night time routine. Dennis and I were standing by our cabinet, a couple of meters away from Dindin who was sitting on the bed and had her back towards us.

Papa and I were engrossed with our conversation when suddenly, we heard Dindin giggling. We went to her and asked her, “What is it Din? What did you see?” She pointed to the catalogue and said “Baby”. There in one of the inside pages was a very tiny photo of a Baby Alive doll. It was between all the other doll pictures, but she singled it out. We laughed at her choice and how intentional was her action. The next thing that she did blew us away. Dindin put her hands together and prayed, “Pray, Baby, Amen.” Waaaaaaaa She prayed for what she wanted!!!!!! How did she know that we prayed for what we wanted??? Oh my…

But still no. We don’t have plans of getting her a Baby Alive doll. It is way too expensive for us. Our priority now is keeping her healthy and most of our monthly budget goes to her milk and supplements. But well, if Papa and Mama could not afford it, Dindin knows that God can. And she has prayed for it with all her childlike faith. Oh sweet baby….

6 thoughts on “Praying for a Baby Alive Doll

  1. pepay

    ahay… faith of a child πŸ˜€ pray lang badin a… it will be answered you’ll never know πŸ˜€

  2. admin Post author

    haha gani. kaulumol sa iya. puerte gid ya memory. she remembers the things seen, said, or done mga months before pa. te pila pa man lang xa bala. i think as early as 6-7 months, may recollection na xa. kag grabe ang faith!

  3. karla

    Awwww….ahay…ka very gud…sige lng din, ihatag gid na sa imo. πŸ˜€

  4. pp

    haha i do hope she gets it. so that she will learn that prayers are answered. πŸ˜€

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