Post-Partum Body Massage

Post-Partum Body Massage

Disclosure: I went ahead to get a full body massage at six weeks after delivery without consulting my doctor  and without disclosing to the spa that I just gave birth via C-Section. In short, I had a massage at my own risk. But I knew what I was doing so just read this story please.

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When I was pregnant, one of the things that relaxed me was a massage done by our helper. It is not a full body massage, just some parts from time to time. Like when I have a headache, she would massage my head, neck, and shoulders. Sometimes, I would let her do my arms. When I have a backache, then it would be my back. A lot of times, I would let her knead my legs and feet because I get tired easily with all the weight I am carrying around. And once, I went to Spa Natura here in Bacolod City for a pre-natal massage. They are the only ones I know that offer this service to pregnant women here in Bacolod as long as you have a medical certificate.

But now that I already gave birth, I also had a massage. It has already been six weeks since I gave birth through C-Section and like any other new mother, I, too, am tired. Recuperating from surgery while working at home and still taking care of the baby and the preschooler can be pretty tough. Several times I have asked our helper and my husband to massage my shoulders and back just to relieve the stress. And with the sleepless nights, I am constantly sleepy and I seem to have a nagging headache that doesn’t go away.

Yesterday, I had a very bad headache and I had it the whole day without respite. I mentioned to my husband how nice it would be to have a massage. But knowing that I don’t want to spend on it, he gave me money and sorta sent me away to go to the spa. LOL So off I went for a massage. I specifically instructed the masseuse that I don’t want the rigorous stretching, the abdominal massage, and the hard pressing on the lower back. That way, I got to enjoy the relaxing kneading all over my body without putting pressure on the abdomen. I also avoided the chest area because my breasts might squirt milk. LOL

And well, it was worth it. The therapist was able to massage me in parts that I never even thought ached. It was a lovely time. And I was thankful because I got to have a skillful masseuse. There was a part on my back that hurt while she stroked me so I asked her to do it again. And she did, rightfully. I love her that I generously tipped her! haha

Just take note though that I don’t have high blood pressure nor am I still bleeding. Apart from the C-Section, I did not have complications. I waited until I no longer bled out and am no longer experiencing abdominal pains or pressure before I got the massage. And then I specifically instructed the masseuse about the areas to avoid. That is why I told you that I knew what I was going into and that is why I was thoroughly able to enjoy myself. Just to remind you, I had been a manager of a spa once, which is why I know what I am doing.

But if you are not knowledgeable on the matter, you will need to ask your doctor. If not, you can’t go on complaining to the spa management if you experienced pain or if you had complications. All I wished for was some time to relax in a peaceful, quiet, soothing environment and I got what I wanted. 😀

God bless all new mothers! 😀

Note: In Bacolod City, Spa Natura is located at 2nd Level, Two Sanparq, San Antonio Park Square, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you can call Tel. Nos. (63) (34) 709-0399, 441-2495 & 441-2502. They are open 24 hours daily except during major holidays.

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