Playing with Other Kids

Playing with Other Kids

Although Dindin doesn’t have playmates her age in the house, she is very friendly and playful with other kids. And she would not fight with other kids. She just wants to play and befriend them. When we go to the mall, she would approach kids who are even bigger than her and smile at them. I guess she wants playmates that is why she tries to make friends. Sadly, not too many kids like that. They seem to be intimidated with a toddler who is very friendly. haha

Anyway, we went to Tangub and there were two kids there at Nanay’s house. Dindin had so much fun playing with them–she had two playmates at one time!

One thought on “Playing with Other Kids

  1. pepay

    na lingaw gid siya sg ga palak2..hehe… gusto niya gid tuud playmate nang… gapangayo na manghod? hehehe..

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