Playing the Guitar in Front of the Mirror

Playing the Guitar in Front of the Mirror

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Dindin is pretending to be a guitar player this time and plays in front of the mirror. Star potential?

As they say, great things start from small beginnings. I think I heard that from a local TV commercial before and the words just kinda stuck with me now, especially now that I am a parent. And so with that, we support Dindin with whatever interests her at the moment.

Since we went to Cebu and we got her this little wooden guitar from their market, she would play this little wooden toy guitar over and over again. She would imagine sitting on a chair and playing before a crowd while singing to whatever song she fancies.

We know that one day, we may have to provide for her formal guitar lessons so that she would at least know the basics. But for now, well she has to contend with pretend play. And we also know that eventually, we will to buy her a real guitar complete with accessories like the jetslide guitar slide. When the time comes, I know in my heart that God will provide for us (including for the ballet lessons, swimming lessons, and her golf coachings, too!) LOL

For now, we just encourage her by being her appreciative audience that we are in whatever she does, applauding her for the little accomplishments along the way. We will not be parents who will rain on her parade 😀

One thought on “Playing the Guitar in Front of the Mirror

  1. Mommy Pehpot

    cute lil fella! 🙂 That’s good, huh! Just support her on whatever field she’d pursue (because that’s our role as a parent)..

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