Plans to Homeschool Dindin

Plans to Homeschool Dindin

Even before my child was born, God has already placed in my heart the desire to homeschool Dindin. Although met with much criticism, it seems that the desire is getting stronger as the days pass.

My plan to homeschool Dindin transcends far beyond just mere financial savings. My intention really is to disciple my child and ingrain biblical Christian principles to her and expose her to different learning experiences. Although I graduated from a public school for my elementary and high school education and a private institutin for my college degree, most of what I apply in my life today were learned not from school but from varied life experiences.

And these are what I aim to teach Dindin as well.

Dindin is showing signs of giftedness, and I would like to be able to hone her talents and skills through special trainings. I don’t want her to be limited to the school environment where she has to compete for honors. I am an honor student and honestly, I don’t value those medals and accolades anymore.

I want Dindin to learn how to appreciate the grass and the flowers, to learn housework like they were play as well as essential learnings, and to be able to bake cookies and eat them warm with cold milk, aside from of course, teaching her God’s word, how to pray, and how to apply these biblical principles to her daily life.

I already have a plan on how to go about it. They say it would entail a lot of commitment but I think I am ready. After all, I am already a stay at home mom. And I really think, that with much prayer, this would really work for us.

6 thoughts on “Plans to Homeschool Dindin

  1. Pinay Mommy Online

    That is such a noble plan Mommy! I like the idea but don't know how to homeschool here in Bacolod. Any ideas? πŸ™‚

  2. mama

    i have looked up TMA, the homeschool of CCF in manila. i will ask how to go about it because dapat accredited and efficient mag process if we decide to go to mainstream school na in the future. πŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous

    uu nang…have you heard about awana also? i'm not sure if may ara na d saton and if it is also homeschooling…pero sa ccf ko man lang na nabati-an…heee…. πŸ™‚

  4. mama

    oh okay…hmmm cge i will check sa internet for their site. i am scouting man for a provider of good materials that is affordable man for us. πŸ˜€

    thanks for the idea.

  5. Steve F

    Came across your post whilst researching home schooling in Bacolod. I’m about to be a father for the first time and I think home schooling would be the best solution for my child. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site and checking back often to see your progress and maybe get some ideas.

    Good luck


  6. dei

    I’ve been planning on homeschooling my children as well. I would like to do that but regrettably the decision is not only mine but also my husband’s. I’m a working mom so it’s quite hard for me to focus but the desire to nurture the kids and train them properly is there. I hope you could give me advises as well. Thanks.

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