Pink Strawberries

Pink Strawberries

Have you ever seen pink strawberries? I know they are always red when ripe but in Berryland where Strawberry Shortcake lives, strawberries can be in any color!

Anyway, we attended the birthday of Dindin’s friend Gianna last Easter Sunday and one of the things that Papa and Dindin got from the pabitin was this pair of pink strawberry pigtails. The theme of the party was Strawberry Shortcake, hence the strawberry inspired stuff. hehestrawberry shortcake pigtailsShe likes them so much that she is so happy that is wearing them. And while I was writing this story, she saw her picture and demanded for her pink strawberries. I had to pause in my writing, get the pigtails and put them on her hair. Now she is wearing them. haha

19 thoughts on “Pink Strawberries

  1. arlene

    Oh oh she is so cute. I wanna pinch her cute cheeks.

    Bagay sa kanya ang strawberry pigtails.

  2. Keanna

    She’s so cute! I’m helping out a friend with my entry, hope you can drop by. Thanks!

  3. tx sweetie

    ohhhhhhhh look at her, so happy! love those pink strawberries of yours, GIRL HAIR as my little girl call it.

    my entry for PF is up, please check it out here too Bratz jewelry box

  4. cheerful

    she’s lovely and a great beautiful smile, wishing you a great weekend! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  5. raya

    wow!! what a cute little darling you have there. and those pink strawberries look yummy! haha! thanks for the visit sis!

  6. nicquee

    ang cute! gusto ko rin ng ganyang ipit!

    thanks for checking out my entry

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