Physical Education for Kids

Physical Education for Kids

Warm up exercises at the tracks. Proof that Mama wasn’t there, Dindin’s hair wasn’t tied and her shirt was hanging loose. LOL

Every Friday is physical education day or PE Day at my daughter’s preschool. It is the school’s aim to provide holistic education to the kids. So aside from stimulating the mind, they have physical activities every Friday to encourage them to use the energies from their young bodies more.

And yes, every Friday, they wear the blue and yellow PE uniform to school. Dindin says that sometimes they have yoga while other Fridays they groove to modern dance songs.

Last Friday, Dindin and her classmates were brought by the school to the Panaad Park and Stadium where they were taught about track and field. Their school brought in a track and field coach from a big school here in Bacolod City. It was a fun, learning experience for the kids. It was just too bad that I wasn’t there to witness the event, but her Papa was and he was able to take some photos.

I think this is a good thing because many children nowadays are obese because of lack of exercise. As for Dindin, she has ballet twice a week as well as weekend activities. So I guess she has ample physical activity. 😀

Although Dindin didn’t not run fast enough to get any medals, she was very happy with the experience. That is enough for us. 😀

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