Pet Blogs by Mama

Pet Blogs by Mama

Well, I had been busy…busy with tinkering with my blogs. I am now enjoying updating my blogs and I do it very often. Here are some of my Mama blogs that I love so much. They are not necessarily about parenting but they are now about my views on certain things as a Mama. And I detail here why I love them and why they are my pets. By the way, I did all their headers so if you need headers for your blogs, too, I can do them for you. For a fee, of course. hahaha

Mama Cooks

Mama CooksMama Cooks is all about my cooking experiments at home, our dining experiences in restaurants and hotels, as well as gifts of food and reviews about products, places, events, restaurants pertaining to food. I love this blog because I love to cook and most especially, I love to eat! Yeehaa! hahaha

Din’s Fashion

Din's FashionDin’s Fashion is a collection Dindin’s outfits, the occasions when she wore them, and the people that sponsored her clothes and accessories. Additionally, I have been writing about my opinion on certain people, their style, and fashion sense. I love this blog because I love fashion and I love dressing up Dindin!

Dream World Traveler

Dream World Traveler

Dream World Traveler is like my memoir of our travels–past, present, and future. That is why I put the word “Dream” at the beginning because I dream of traveling the world with my family in the future. I love this blog because I love to travel! weee

Marriage Markers

Marriage MarkersMarriage Markers is about my marriage and its milestones. It also talks about the marriage tips, relationship advice, as well as marriages and weddings of celebrities. I love this blog because I love my husband. Need I say more? haha

Lovingly Mama

Lovingly MamaLovingly, Mama is about my life as Mama and the time spent with Dindin. I can write so many things because after all, I am a stay at home Mom. I love this blog because I love Dindin and love writing about her.

So these are my blogs and they keep me busy. And well, just so you know that these are my blogs.

2 thoughts on “Pet Blogs by Mama

  1. Pepay

    Nice nice…tungod man bla cmu nang nka come up ko with 3 blog sites.. I really enjoy reading.. And gusto ko mag write about anything… It is just that i wish i have more time.. Sometimes, all my thoughts remain in my head na lg coz sa days na gusto ko mag sulat, mas gusto ko na lg mag pa huway.. Hehehe…

  2. admin Post author

    hahaha that’s good. actually bala pay, with all my blogs, there are still many things that i want to write but no time pa gid. may 2 domains na ko manugexpire wala unod! nyahahah

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